10 Most Interesting Websites to scroll when you are bored

most interesting website


Imgur is a community for sharing experiences, sometimes within the style of photos and animated gifs. It’s a destination where you’ll share content with others and see what others have shared. You’ll be able to favorite, upvote and leave comments. The most effective way to experience Imgur is via its mobile apps and there is also a desktop website.


A guy has to tick some boxes on the basis of interest and StumbleUpon mail you to arbitrary sites.  Website based on the interest will be sent to you, in order to, simply click on another one. Additionally depending on your own age/sex/location and so on, enjoy just search engines one of your own interests?


Instructables is a website specializing in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects, that different user will discuss and rate for quality. Instructables is devoted to stepwise collaboration among members to create a range of projects. Users post instructions to their projects, typically amid visual aids, so interact through comment sections.

Speaking Tree

The speaking Tree is one of the interesting websites I come across. It contains all the content related to psychology, mythology, interesting facts, quotes, etc entertaining stuff which makes easy for you to timepass!


When I want to just entertain my boredom I go to iWasteSoMuchTime. Endless hours of scrolling down, giggling, sending links to friends. However, when I am annoyed by the boredom I visit sites about my hobbies, I get ideas and I get all fired up to start some relevant project, so off with my boredom’s head.

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 The faces of facebook

There are more than 1 billion people on Facebook. What about seeing the profile of all these users on a single screen. Thefacesoffacebook lets you surf through these profile pics in just one single screen.


This is one of my favorites. This site aims to provide deep calm state of mind which will surely make you think about your life and the things you are surrounded with. Give it a hit. It’s worth trying.

Useful Science

This website offers a collection of one-line summaries of various research papers published in scientific journals on a range of topics. The topics are ranging from health to productivity to creativity.


A place has changed over a period of time varying from three decades through a series of satellite images from Google Maps. You can use the “ExploreOurWorld”  url to see the timelapse of almost every location on the planet.


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