2048 Game strategy and tactics with life hacks…

2048 game strategy

2048 Game strategy and logic

The 2048 game is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle game. Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one bigger number. Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a high score. To download the 2048 Game click here

Explore deep challenge for your mind and enjoy the fun on this number puzzle game !!!

2048 Game strategy for puzzle solvers are clarified beneath…

You’re supposed to start from bottom :

2048 game strategy

Huge things have little beginnings. Not all things start with a blast. Only one out of every odd blast turns out huge. However, great or awful, a million easily overlooked details will dependably add up to one major thing. Keep in mind, it takes two 1024 to make 2048.

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Don’t compromise your principles for short term gains :

In the game 2048, if you really want to succeed, you need to make sure that all large no’s are in 1 corner. Now every now and then there’ll be a temptation to break this rule for short-term gains. Like here,

2048 game strategy

You may want to move the tiles down to join the two 64’s. But that’ll jeopardize your whole operation as the 1024 & 256 would also move down, possibly replaced by 2’s and 4’s which will be stuck there forever.

But you keep moving is all that matters :

2048 game strategy

You will get stuck at some point. Do something about it. If you’re not living or kicking the bucket, you’re dead. Yeah, sure, you might be comfortable in your safe place but eventually safe gets boring. It gets you nothing either. Make a move, any move. It will get you going – 2048 game strategy.

One mistake isn’t all that matters :

2048 game strategy

That One Bad Move. ONE MOVE. The one you didn’t intend to. The risk that didn’t pay off. The fundamental that you overlooked. The belittled trigger. Whatever I was, it ruined everything. In any case, it isn’t all that matters. Pardon yourself and let it go.

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Undo unto your demise :

As legendary and magical the undo button is, (ahem, Android) life just doesn’t have one. Occasionally, we’re  lucky enough to get a do-over but it’s never the same. Or it’s not enough. Use it wisely. Don’t be the idiot that makes the exact same mistake a second time.

Things are ideal and most noticeably awful when you don’t see it coming :

2048 game strategy

Best situation in 2048 Game

2048 game strategy

Worst situation in 2048 Game








The unexpected is meant to throw you off.  Well, duh, it’s unexpected. Sometimes you’re the ninja who handles it like pro, sometimes you’re the guy who broke 13 mirrors on Friday the 13th. Whichever way it goes, it always makes a good story and an even better learning experience  – 2048 game strategy.

There will always be an upgrade :

There will be always an upgrade or something better. At the same time. Dammit. Change is inevitable. Like Doodle Jump or Angry Birds or  Temple Run or Flappy Bird, the hype’s not gonna last forever so it’s  gotta be worth it. A huge kudos to Dong Nguyen for pulling the plug on  Flappy Bird when he did. He must have found something that meant more to him and he didn’t need the world telling him it wasn’t.

You will always win something :

2048 game strategy

Notwithstanding when you lose the game, you win something. A little more patience, a little more technique, the attention of the guy who is amused at how bad you are. Seriously,  winning takes perspective. Contrary to popular belief, a winner wins because he chooses to not because somebody tells him that he has. The prize may not always be what you expect but a prize is a prize. Enjoy it. Life is more than a game. Pun intended…

Finally, 2048 game strategy tells you :

2048 game strategy

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