7 Ways 3D Printing Is Changing the World

3D printing is considered to be one of the significant trends in the tech world. People tend to use it for all kinds of purposes, such as medical needs, education, work, art, and entertainment. We gradually understand that 3D printing materials can bring a lot to the table in multiple industries, including weaponry, space, education, and manufacturing.

In the rate this technology is growing, 3D printing is soon going to be one of the highly sought technologies with the potential to change the world. If you are sceptical about it, we are going to lay down nine ways in which 3D printing could actually make a huge impact.

24/7 Availability of Replacements

3D printing’s most significant contribution to the modern world would be replacements and its easy and quick availability. Instead of visiting the store and getting a product, which usually ends up taking a lot of time, you can use your 3D printer to get the parts you need whenever. You will also be able to print the total number of pieces that you need instead of buying them in bulk.

The creality ender 3 special edition is one of the highly sought designs in 3D printers. You will also find many websites in the market that offer replacement parts or blueprints of everyday objects to people who are looking for them.

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Makes Home Construction Cheaper

Home prices are increasing day by day. With pollution becoming a significant problem in the modern world, many of the young individuals are doing their part in reducing their carbon footprint, which also extends to the construction of their homes. With the help of 3D printing, construction could be made eco-friendly. The wastage is zero, including lowered transportation costs. Items can also be recycled to make the future more sustainable.

In China, an organisation is also making attempts to build low-cost homes using recycled materials. The potential of 3D printing in the department of construction in developing countries is enormous, not only making the process faster but also affordable.

Affordable Prices of Prosthetics

3D printers could be very useful in creating low-cost prosthetics in areas that need the most, especially war zones. Thousands of people suffer in wars where they have to live without their limbs. Mark Ebeling, CEO of the Not Impossible Labs, used 3D printing in Sudan to create prosthetics at a cheaper rate for the war casualties. The idea behind is to bring customizable prosthetics at affordable prices in the market so that everybody can make use of them to transform their life into something better.

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Getting Parts in Space

Going to space requires a lot of preparation and fuel. Whenever something is wrong, the lack of spare parts of equipment could cause a dilemma. Transporting them can be extremely expensive. Not to forget that the astronauts will have to wait the whole time till the next mission with the spare parts or equipment comes to solve their problems.

With 3D printing, astronauts will be able to print their tools, parts, and other items when there is an emergency.

Printing Eatables Is Also an Option

Some printers provide the option to print food items like chocolates, candies, or pizzas. These printers can be put to great use, especially in space where they do not get to eat such foods. Some companies provide 3D printers that could print candies and chocolates in intricate, beautiful designs. Other companies have also come up with 3D printing that offers foods like ravioli and pizzas.

Reducing Plastic Waste

The plastics we use today are non-biodegradable in nature, which is definitely a threat to the environment. However, it is possible to recycle these plastics into filaments that could be employed in 3D printing. Ekocycle Cube is an example of a printer that provides different and recycled plastics. Research studies were able to find those recycled plastics when turned into spools result is less energy usage as compared to the conventional forms of recycling. It was founded by 3D Systems in association with Coca-Cola’s Ekocycle initiative and will.i.am. 3D printing can definitely be one step forward in saving Mother Nature.

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Reprinting Organs in the Medical Industry

3D printing could take the medical industry with a storm. With the power 3D printer have, it could literally save lives. 3D printers have the potential to make use of organic matter to layer them systematically to build organs and tissues. The technology is still in its initial stages, but there is a potential that many researchers can see. If it comes out to be successful, there is a chance that patients will not have to wait for very long durations to get their healthy organ replacements.

As you can see, there is a lot of potential in 3D printing. Therefore, its development is definitely going to be a huge step towards progress and betterment of society.

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