6 ways to jazz-up your boring Instagram Feed

6 ways to jazz-up your boring Instagram Feed

In this world of Social Media, Instagram is a platform that opened new ways by which people interact with each other. Many people have become influencers and others have kick-started their business by creating an Instagram page of their product. All these people have achieved success as they were able to grab the attention of people on this social media platform and accumulated a large number of followers. Currently, Instagram has 1 billion active users out of which about 500 million users use the platform every day, based on a study around 200 million accounts are expected to get created by the end of 2019. Hence it’s clear, Instagram has a huge potential in helping you grow your profile as an influencer or a small business entity.

An Instagram profile’s value lies in the number of followers, profile interactions traffic, and a steady stream of content. Having a valuable Instagram profile can get you a lot of collaboration and business offers and this could become a good earning option as well. Even though 500 million plus users are active on Instagram every day, getting their interest in becoming your followers or attracting their attention to your profile can be tricky. Some of the reasons that lead to lesser profile activity include factors like getting a steady flow of contents, unplanned profile look, incomplete brand’s theory, etc. Let’s understand some of the ideas that will help you buy real IG followers and grow your Instagram profile naturally.

  1. Define your Instagram Aesthetic: Pickup a concept, a product or a theme that you love and would like to share it with the world. Follow a minimalistic approach in creating your Instagram feed, don’t overdo or underdo content. To give you an example, the Instagram webpage @minimalist showcases its products in a pristine and simplistic format, while the Instagram page @taramilktea has taken a vibrant and bold approach.
  1. Showcase your Brand’s Identity: Brainstorm and drill down the characteristics, qualities, props, objects, etc. that define your brand. Incorporate all these features in the posts and feeds that you are putting on your Instagram page. This will give a personality to your brand and will help likeminded individuals to correlate with your brand and hence they might start following your Instagram profile. Your brand will definitely standout if it portrays a strong identity.
  1. Instagram Page layouts: The first look of your profile matters as a visitor sees the entire feed instead of individual photos or videos that you have posted in your feed. Some of the possible feed layouts that you can choose from are puzzle layout, grid layout, rainbow feed, checkerboard feed, vertical line feed, etc. Some of the profile examples that you can refer to are @thecheerfulchica@cerebralmist@elska.studio, etc. Adding such themes will enhance the aesthetics of your Instagram profile and you would easily be able to draw the attention of a viewer to your profile and generate more followers.
  1. Short Story Videos: Creative and entertaining short videos are another way of attracting traffic to your Instagram profile. A video is definitely worth more than a photo. As per a study done by Newswhip, the average engagements for video posts increased by about 53 percent in 2017. The video content drove more comments which in turn increased post likes and profile followers. For video content inspiration you can view Zach King’s Instagram feed at @zachking.
  1. Use Illustrations: The art of marketing is very critical in selling a product, in this case, it could be your Instagram profile. Even if you have a very simple product or theme, posting images and videos with illustrations can spice up your brand identity. Singapore’s Mc Donald’s chain of restaurants @mcdsg uses illustrations extensively and has been successful in creating an extensive follower base.
  1. Be prompt: Activity on your Instagram profile shouldn’t be limited. As per an independent study, at least 3 posts should be made in 2 days’ time for the profile to keep your followers engaged with it. You can showcase behind-the-scenes content, that talks about the true effort that goes towards building your product. Real-time interaction with your followers by using the ‘go live’ option is a great way to build a long-lasting relationship with them. Instagram contests and giveaways are another way to keep your audience engaged and build on a powerful Instagram profile.
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All these simple implementations can really give a huge boost to your Instagram profile and help it in growing naturally. Hope these points will be helpful in your Instagram journey. Do share your stories in the comment section below.

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