7 Things You Can Prepare For Internet Outage

Prepare For Internet Outage

We plunged into the network and transferred both leisure and work there, and therefore, we don’t imagine how to live, if anything happens, and the Internet gets down. We don’t even think that such trouble will ever befall us.

However, there are various scenarios of this tragedy described in books and movies. For example, in the fantastic TV series “Revolution,” electricity disappeared on the whole planet.  While in the film “The Fifth Wave,” alien invaders alienate all electronics on Earth. Of course, if it ever happened, the lack of the Internet would become far from the most important problem of people.

Let’s not watch that far and imagine a more realistic situation – you will be out of Network for a couple of months. Here are seven steps to follow to become completely ready for this issue.

Download Offline Maps

Whenever you go, you need to know to get to a particular place. Sure that you can ask someone, but it’s better to save maps to your phone or tablet and have them always with you. There are plenty of solutions both for Android and iOS gadgets. One of the most popular is to use an offline version of Google Maps. You may also use ForeverMaps 2, Maps with me Lite or any other app that you like.

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Download Movies for Offline Watching

In case you don’t want to get bored during offline evenings, download a couple of movies beforehand. You might use your DVD collection for that, but modern laptops mostly don’t have DVD-ROM. That’s why you’d better download movies from torrent sites or any other sources. Please note that in most cases these movies come in MKV format that requires a particular codec and player for smooth playback. You can’t simply play such a movie on iPhone or your TV. You will need to convert it to a more flexible format: AVI for TV or MP4 for portable devices. You can find several tools for this task online. The best choice will be to use free Freemake Video Converter. You can read more about it here: [FREE] MKV to AVI – Convert MKV to MP4 – MKV Converter & Howto.

Download Books and Articles

Whether you want to read a romantic novel or a couple of articles for your job, it will be difficult to do it without the connection. Think about books and post you might need and save them onto your PC. Many sites provide free books of any genre and a number of tools that can help you save a particular article or an entire website. For example, Evernote, HTTrack, WebCopy and so on.

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Sync Email to your PC

If you have dozens of unread emails, this step is right for you. The 1st thing to do here is to download any email client if you already don’t have it. Most email clients have an option to save emails for offline reading. Of course, you won’t be able to answer right away, but you can save drafts with answers and reply as soon as you are back online. For Google mail users, there is a service named Gmail Offline that lets you save email on your laptop.

Save Cloud Files on a hard drive

The point of all cloud services is an easy way to access your files. However, it’s not possible without the connection. Thus if you need any special documents, audio or video files, transfer them back to your PC. For Dropbox and Google Drive, there is an option to save the data for offline watching right on your mobile device.

Transfer Your Calendar Data Offline

For those who use calendar apps on a regular basis, there is nothing worse than to lose access to their timetable. To save yourself from such trouble, backup all the data about the upcoming meetings and events in an offline app or software. Alternatively, you may keep all the data in the Calendar app on your iPhone. It’s always available and doesn’t depend on the Network.

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Check your PC

It’s great to transfer all the necessary data for offline use. You will be able to watch movies, read books, find a route and at the same time, you won’t depend on the Net. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. You should check that your laptop, PC or portable device work without any issues. Use CCleaner to remove files from already deleted tools, cache and old logs. Then update your antivirus software and check your device for viruses. Besides that, check that all the necessary tools work as they should and that you are using the latest version. If you need some additional tools, download them from the safe sites.

That’s it! If you followed all these steps, you should not fear. You will barely notice that you are not connected to the Internet.

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