How to Make a Secure Website – 8b Website Builder Tutorial

8b is a browser-based easy website builder that’s currently free to use. After testing this website builder for our 8b review, it’s fair to say that nearly everyone reading this article should be able to get a professional-looking website online in a few hours or less with this tool.

With a good selection of templates available, as well as lots of sections that can be used to add more content to your website, 8b should be powerful enough for most standard website projects. Everything produced in 8b is fully mobile responsive so that your site will look great on smartphones. In fact, you can even use 8b on a mobile device to create a website on your smartphone.

Lets us explain you how you can design website with 8b and secure your website with SSL keep reading

About 8b

8b is a free and simple online website builder that lets anyone create mobile-friendly websites quickly and conveniently. 8b perfectly suits people with no or little coding and programming knowledge, entrepreneurs and small business owners as well as self-employed induviduals and hobbyists.User-friendly interface. No coding experience required. Modern and fully responsive websites. Fun and effective website creation.

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How to create a secure website With 8b

1. Just goto to 8b website from here

2. In top right corner you will “CREATE A FREE WEBSITE” click on that

3. Login using google or facebook or via email

4. After Login Select template

5. You can edit template as per your requirement

6. Once you’ve chosen a template and given your site a name, you can start the customization work.  All the work takes places in your web browser. This means there’s no need to download anything. Simply click on a page element to start editing it.


 Website Templates

To help you quickly create a wide range of websites with this tool, 8b includes an impressive selection of templates. In fact, there are currently 18 designs to choose from

There are 18  website template availabe in 8b which you can choose for yout different kind  of business like restaurant, hotel, Digital marketing, Agency, School, music, medical, lawyer. photography, sports, technology etc

Above are few examples in real you can get any niche template for your website or business.


Publish your website automatically on HTTPS

You will be cusrious to know how to make a secure website .When you’re happy with your website you can publish it so that it’s publicly available on the internet. As you might expect by now, publishing your website is a simple process. As mentioned earlier, all sites created with 8b are fully mobile responsive to ensure they look great on screen sizes of all sizes, including smartphones and tablets.

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One of the best thing i liked is you can direcly publish your website with https you dont need to purchase expensive ssl certificates to get secure of https.

How To Connet Custom Domain In 8B

If you do not like to publish website in custom domain you can buy top domain and also you can connet it in 8b website builder.

If you want custom domain name you can do that also, its so simple just follow below steps

  1. Goto site settings
  2. Enter your domain name
  3. Like on Connect
  4. Submit site to google webmaster just click on submit to google
  5. You can easily add google analytics to your site just click on connect to analytics

 Benefits Of 8b


  1. No Coding Work Required
  2. No technical knowledge needed
  3. You can edit templates from frontened
  4. Easily custom domain can be connected
  5. Sites are fully secure with SSL


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