Which Company is more successful – Apple vs Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft are the leading Tech Giants Company in the World. Let’s check out, who will win the comparison battle…


apple and Microsoft comparison


It’s tough to compare Apple and Microsoft because aside from a small overlap, Apple and Microsoft compete in different fields.

Oh boy, this is going to be an endless debate. So some answers defined success by :


Product Diversification :

apple and microsoft comparison

Products exclusive to Microsoft (with no Apple equivalent) include:

  • Azure
  • Windows Server (and SQL Server)
  • Xbox
  • Visual Studio
  • Visio
  • Dynamics (ERP and CRM)

Products exclusive to Apple (with no Microsoft equivalent) include:

  • iPhone
    • Lumia phones don’t really count, as they’re Nokia manufactured with Windows software
  • iPod
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • Beats headphones

Profitability and Growth :

apple and microsoft comparison

Comparison between net Worth

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 Ranking :

The World’s Biggest Public Companies list according to Forbes Global 2000 Company list includes Apple and Microsoft at position 9 and 19 respectively. Check the list here :

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apple and microsoft comparison

Forbes Company Ranking

Revenue and Market Capital :

Both Apple and Microsoft make in the list of Fortune 500 company of 2017. But Apple is ranked at position 3 and Microsoft at position 28.


Apple and Microsoft comparison in fortune 500

Fortune 500 companies in the World

hardware and devices, I think Apple takes the cake. And in total profit, Apple also wins. There is nothing in the Microsoft lineup that can even come close to the sales of the iPhones and Macs.

But when it comes to software, you can’t deny that Windows and Microsoft Office are pretty much the industry standard. There are 1.25 billion computers running Windows today. MacOS doesn’t even come close to that number. If you were to go work for a company using iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers), they’d laugh at you and tell you to use Microsoft Office.

I’ve never worked at Apple, but I can bet a pretty penny that even their financial department probably uses Excel to process spreadsheets— not Numbers.

In the consumer market, I’m sure Apple is more successful.

But in the business and enterprise market, Microsoft completely pulverises Apple.

All of that is fine but the problem with word “success”. It is a state of true or false, success or failure. There is no truer or falser more successful or more failure.

How so? Now imagine two fan boys arguing which phone can connect a “phone call”, iPhone or Nokia. Which phone is “callier” or more calling than the other? It sounds wrong isn’t it? Because the call connection is a state of connected or not there is no inbetween state just like success and failure.

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In the status of business success this is how to determine success or failure status.


apple and microsoft comparison


It’s a point. Once you go above that point you are successful regardless of how much profits or assets.

Now let’s revisit the answers points and put the proper question in front of their answers.


Que :  Which company has more diverse revenue lines, thus lower product dependency risk ?

Ans : Microsoft

Que : Which company have higher net profit?

Ans : Apple

Que : Which company out rank the other on various indexes?

Ans : Apple

Que : Which company is more successful?

Ans : None

Que : Which company is successful?

Ans : Both …Apple and Microsoft

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