Apple confirms iOS 11 release with great improvements

apple iOS 11

iOS 11 will improve old iPhone battery health and improve the speed

Apple released the new software iOS 11.3 with some great plans in mind. The update is packed with a hand full of features but the major feature is the iPhone battery health that would slow down your old iPhone. Apple confirmed last year that it slows down the iPhones with old batteries intentionally, the company made a promise to fix this matter. Its promised fix is finally here. This is a fairly major update that promises new features, additions, battery fixes, and throttling.

Notably, after great controversies relating to the iPhone battery health, it became apparent that Apple intentionally added a feature in the iOS software that would slow down the old iPhone performance. After so many complaints, Apple got sued for slowing down the performance and ever since that Apple has been trying to resolve the issues. Apple says that it has launched the new release to prevent the phones from performing oddly and unexpectedly shutting down. iOS 11.3 is available in the beta version but the final version is said to be released in a few days. The upcoming update features new Animojis, battery health, new features, and much more. Let’s look at what’s new in the new software update.

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Messages get new Animojis

Animojis have been the ultimate attraction of iPhone X, which uses voice and face recognition to record and send emojis to friends and family. Previously, there were 12 Animojis and four new emojis have been added giving the users more variety to express themselves as a lion. Skull, dragon, and bear. In addition, working with A11 bionic chip and TrueDepth camera in iPhone X with 50 different facial muscles are captured allowing users to send emojis with 16 different characters. There is a new addition to Business chat which lets you communicate with the business directly through messages without sharing the contact details. The chat becomes easier, scheduling an appointment, and making a purchase through Apple Pay gives the accessibility to communicate anywhere anytime.

Battery health and performance

In response to the backlash, iOS has new features added that will improve the battery life of the iPhones. The battery management features particularly have been introduced in the update so you’ll need to update the second beta version. Additionally, the battery performance is improved and the unnecessary to prevent instant shut down.

Health record in health app

The health record in health app introduces the reliability of bringing together hospital, clinics, and existing health app making it easier for the patients to look at their medical conditions, whenever they feel like. Patients registered from the hospitals or particular medical institutions will have your health information and will receive regular information regarding your health condition, medication, and more. Health record data is protected with a security code.

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New AR experience

The ARKit got introduced after the release of iOS 11 and since then millions of users have got their hands on augmented reality. Undoubtedly, augmented reality is one of the biggest platform and Apple continues to bring new innovations 1.5 to developers to provide a seamless experience to the iPhone users and giving them the opportunity in the form of tools to make great new apps with AR.

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