Top-Best Apps for iPhone X to add latest features

If you bought your new iPhone X and you’re wondering which apps you’d want, so, I’ve got the list of amazing apps which add features to your phone and are designed to work in iPhone X.

  1. Pro Cam
  2. PDF Element
  3. Darkroom
  4. Holo
  5. Launch Pad
  6. FileMaker Pro
  7. Documents
  8. Facts
  9. Clips
  10. Long Center Pro
  11. Allied
  12. Zombie Gunship revenant
  13. AR dragons

best apps for iphone xProCam


ProCam is one of the best cameras and the default camera app lacks manual controls for pro photographers. If you are looking for a manual camera, ProCam has the best manual camera settings to get you best out of your phone’s camera.

You can control settings like exposure, shutter speed, white balance, focus, and others. You can also add a grid leveler which is pretty handy as well as you can choose from different camera modes like a slow shutter, time-lapse and 3d which is a great addition. But you’ll need a 3d glass to view it additionally you can shoot in RAW as well.

Overall the UI is pretty straightforward and you can choose between the dual lenses. Using the settings, you can tweak your cameras and video modes while talking about the camera.

best apps for iphone x PDF Element


PDF element helps you manage all your PDF files or even create one. You can create PDFs either by taking a picture or import any picture from gallery. To create its PDF version additionally you can copy a PDF from your computer via Wi-Fi as well moreover, PDFs can be edited by underlining, highlighting, adding text or comments. You can also edit the contents of your PDF which is really handy, so if you use your iris for office this is a great app to help you manage your PDFs. This is one of the best apps for iPhone X for students and office goers.

best apps for iphone xDarkroom


Darkroom is a photo editor for iPhone, updated to fully use the hardware of iPhone X. So it’s updated to use the full screen of iPhone X. It has also added support for full-color depth and contrast for the stunning display that has million to 1 contrast ratio.

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It is powered by metal – a rendering which has speed gains and improved graphics UI design which makes the whole process of editing a lot smoother. Darkroom is also famous for quality and variety of filter it provides. You’ll also be able to play with RGB curves to adjust color which is a very powerful tool for editing but most features are only for paid users and free users don’t have much in this app.

If you are looking for something free, Ultralight provides more tools in a clean UI. You have the same curve feature but in slider format. You can point where you want the saturation and temperature. You can play with color to change individual saturation and hue in terms of filters which you get a few for free either way. Anyone of these apps will be a perfect editing tool to edit photos in your iPhone X. These two apps are one of the Almighty as well as best apps for iPhone X to edit photos.

best apps for iphone xHolo


Next up on the list is an augmented reality app called Holo. So, iPhone 8 and iPhone X has the fastest processor in any mobile smartphone and this app will be able to fully use it. Holo allows you to add augmented reality stickers in your environment and it works pretty well. It blends in well with the surroundings and lighting conditions. You can also change the size of each sticker and have many other versions after you have placed a sticker. You can also record a video of it to make it look like it’s actually there.

So just bring your creativity out and create some fun videos using this one another AR app that caught my eye, was HouseCraft. It is similar to Holo but this one lets you add furniture. It’s just a cool furniture arrangement app that lets you see how placing any object would look beforehand.

best apps for iphone xNovation Launchpad


Novation Launchpad is an amazing an app that helps you create music. If you’re into music production, you must be knowing that the app name resembles an essential tool for all the music creators.

So you start by selecting different pads here. Each pad has its own music loop, so you can select these pads according to the music you want to create and it will play these loops simultaneously. You can use FX while the music is playing as well give different effects and play around to create some great tunes.

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One of the cool addition here is while using effects, you can force touch to enable or disable it. Furthermore, you can edit these pads and import a different one. Change tempo and change to different projects according to your preference and you can start recording a tune once you’re done with your experiments. A musician, as well as music lover, should go for this app on the go. So, I have accumulated in the list of best apps for iPhone X for beats lover.

best apps for iphone xLaunch Center Pro


Since past few iterations of iOS, Apple has added features like for stats. To speed things up, get information with a swipe or perform actions faster, Launch Center Pro.

Center Pro gives you the power to add custom tasks, so, you can add this app to your dock and also in your widget base. Then you can choose what options do foresters give you. It also supports app actions like launching the Instagram camera, searching in Google and sending a message to someone and the same goes for today’s visit.

So, there are around 12 shortcuts that you can have access from your home screen with just a swipe or a click and that’s pretty useful. So just try this one I’m sure you’ll love it.

best apps for iphone xDocuments


iOS 11 does give you a file explorer but Documents by Readdle is what you really need. It really can become your hub for all files. It’s not only your file management app but also a download manager. You can download any file from the internet just like a computer. You can easily access the browser anytime within this app and for files.

It supports many videos, audios and document formats like PDF, Excel, Word etc. So you’ll be able to view those files right from this app and the PDF viewer here has the ability to edit them too which is very good. Another interesting feature is cloud syncing, so, you can add all your cloud accounts and be able to download and access those files from this app.

You can store your files from the cloud in your iPhone locally and view it offline as well. This is the best app for iPhone X if you need file management as a very core part of productivity which iOS has lacked since years and this app makes iPhone very similar to Android now. So, documents by Readle is the best apps for iPhone X for file management.

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best apps for iphone xClips


Clips is a great app to make fun videos and you can add different filters, labels, stickers, emojis and also add a subtitle that will auto analyze the word of your speaking and record accordingly. You can also add posters which give a new way of shooting.

Once you’ve shot your video. You can edit them further and add your own music to the scenes and create amazing stories for Snapchat or Instagram stories. The thing that is exclusive to the iPhone 10 is the feature called scene. It uses the sensors of the front camera and gives you an immersive background of different kinds making it look like your part of the scene it’s really fun.

best apps for iphone xFilmMaker Pro


Basically, this is a video editor with powerful tools and simple user interface. Apart from regular controls that are trimming and adding transitions, you can change its color, adjust the white balance, add animated stickers text etc. Moreover, if you want to give you a video a cinematic feel, you can add your music as well. So, all in all, it’s a pretty powerful video editor right on your phone.

best apps for iphone xCuriosity


Best app up for your daily facts. This app gives you facts, so, you can learn different facts on a daily basis and also save the fact as a picture. You can set a reminder to alert when new facts are available and additionally you can change the layout on how the facts are shown.

AR Apps and Games

Since AR is quite a hyper. Let’s talk about a few AR apps and games.

  • HouseCraft AR app allows you to add holographic elements to your photos and videos. It’s quite a fun to use especially with kids.
  • Similarly, for games, we have AR dragons where you place your dragons and take care of it. It’s quite a unique experience.
  • Next up we got a Zombie Gunship revenant where you need to move your phone in order to explore the map and attack zombies. It’s quite fun and engaging as well.

As of now, not a lot of applications are optimized and yet compatible with iPhone X. So, that’s the list of best apps for iPhone X which add highlights to your iPhone and are intended to be perfect.

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