Top 5 Best Dating Apps of 2020

Dating apps are becoming ever more sophisticated and finely-tuned. Gone are the days when online dating was the virtual equivalent of the lonely hearts columns appearing in newspapers and magazines. Now they let new members to specify exactly what they are looking for in a match, as well as presenting a discreet messaging service allowing people to connect in a relaxed environment, exchanging messages as they establish a real sense of chemistry.

Along with long-established websites, there are a host of smart device apps which can be downloaded into phones or tablets, providing instant access to your dating account. Wherever you happen to be, commuting or at home, you can be busy matchmaking. But with so many apps available, what would be the current top five?


Flirt is continually gaining praise for being such a user-friendly dating service, offering customers a clean and easily-navigatable interface. Newcomers are presented with easy-to-follow options in terms of getting to grips with the prospect of browsing through the available profiles in order to track down compatible individuals. They can specify a ‘wish list,’ or as the site puts it, a list of parameters for an ideal Mr. or Ms. Right, in terms of favored hairstyles or even level of income!


Loveaholics prides itself in offering its clients a first-rate dating service. The emphasis is on open and easy communication for site members, presenting them with hundreds of profiles of eligible singles, and then offering the channels to get in direct touch. A chat room facility entices people to connect with a diverse cross-section of other site users, and once respective parties have developed a good rapport, they are encouraged to take their relationship offline. The site is sub-divided according to a host of subjects, ranging from single parent dating to mature dating to lesbian dating. There are various nationality options, including Canada, Japan, USA, France, and the Philippines, as well as black and interracial dating. In short, Loveaholics covers a variety of bases, and because of this, it enjoys a cosmopolitan and loyal client base.

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Zoosk certainly has an international appeal, with over 80 countries boasting regular members, whether they’re tapping into its website, or iOS and Android apps. This is a very technically competent website, with inbuilt algorithms which are designed to eliminate unsuitable matches. The site administration also uses software to extract detailed information about Zoosk users based on their navigational habits, allowing them to plan accordingly. One of their most effective properties is image verification, designed to dissuade site users from using misleading (i.e. old or digitally enhanced) profile photographs.


Eharmony commences the induction of any novice members by requesting they take the time to answer some questions in an online questionnaire. This enables the site to ensure people stand a good chance of being matched with someone appropriate, according to their various admissions about their belief system, and their emotions. It’s all about ensuring customers get the most out of their online dating experience by avoiding time wasters. They also run software which analyzes user behavior in order to attempt to help improve the service they offer.


Elite singles is a fairly self-explanatory title for a matchmaking service aimed at bringing together professional clients. So rather than providing a platform where the key parameters are issues like preferred age group or sexuality, what counts here is attracting the attention of individuals from a similar background, whether that’s a certain level of advanced education, or what could be termed a high-powered career. Anyone out for some casual, no strings attached encounters, need not apply! The key words here are serious coupling!

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