Best Electric Shavers for Barbers

In this modern world, we have plenty of advanced tools available which handles a variety of tasks easily. If you get tired of visiting the Barber’s shop again and again, then here’s an easy way to keep your face cleaned shave every morning. We have prepared a list of best Electric Shavers for barbers, which help you choose the most suitable Shaver from the available options.

Most men have started using an Electric Shaver to keep shave off their beard. Thankfully, there is a variety of Electric Shavers available in the market which lets you completely shave or trim the beard. The Electric Shaver works smoothly, and gets you the desired look in just a couple of minutes.

Best Electric Shavers for Barbers

  1. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Remington’s Electric Shaver is currently is one of the best Electric Shavers available in this market. The Shaver comes with multi-function use, you can use it Cordless and with Cord depending upon the situation.

The Shaver is designed with advanced technology which comes with 5-Minute quick charge function. With a single full charge, the Shaver runs for 60 minutes. Charging period of this Shaver is 2 hours.

Pivot and Flex Technology offers smooth and clean shave in just a couple of minutes. You can remove all types of facial hair with an adjustable size. The blades are made from Surgical Grade steel which cleans easily.

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  1. Andis Go Professional Outliner II Square Blade Trimmer

Andis’ Go Professional Outliners Electric Shaver comes with an easy to use functionality. It’s a high-speed and durable Electric Shaver cum trimmer which makes it the best Shaver for grooming yourself. The Shaver runs smoothly and makes no noise with its quiet operating function.

Moreover, it comes with a Lock Switch which keeps the clipper to its suitable position. It will not shut off accidentally and you will be able to work with the Shaver for longer time. The Super Electric Shaver is made from high-grade material which ensures great durability.

It includes high-grade blades which can be easily detached. With a superior and fast rotating motor, the Shaver cuts down thick coat hair smoothly. It can trim down your beards, necks, mustaches easily.

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  1. Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro Trimming Kit

Wahl’s Deluxe Chrome Pro Trimming Kit is a complete Trimming Kit designed for the people who are searching for a quick shave at home. The Kit includes quality clipper and guide combs to shave perfectly. It’s a cordless touch up trimmer with easy to use interface for everyone.

The Shaver comes with heavy duty motor which runs for hours with a single charge and gives you that perfect shave quickly.

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The taper lever on the Trimmer comes with an adjustable size. Depending on your requirements, you can adjust the blade size easily. The company is offering 5 Years of Warranty on the product.

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  1. Braun Electric Razor for Men

Braun’s Electric Razor is suitable for Men’s thick facial hair. The Electric Shaver comes with an easy to use functionality which can be operated easily by anyone. It features 3-Pressure Sensitive Elements for a perfect and clean shave at your comfort.

The Electric Shaver comes with two rechargeable batteries. The Shaver also works with water so you can have both, wet and dry shave which you can use with water, shaving foam or gel.

The effective motor cuts down hair from all the areas including the most difficult areas of your face. It’s a Cordless shaver which is designed with high-grade durable material which lasts for years. The body is water-resistant and it takes just 1.2 hours of time for fully charge.

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  1. Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper is a Portable Electric Shaver which is designed with the latest technology. With this Hair Clipper, you can easily cut down your hair effectively with the style you prefer. It works without the Cords through built-in battery which can be easily charged.

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This Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper runs super faster and offers great performance compared to all the traditional Electric Shavers. The blades are detachable which can be easily replaced. You can detach the blades for cleaning after the use with just one single press.

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