Top 10 Best Free Apps for Windows 10

Best Free Apps for Windows 10

If you’re looking for the best free apps for your Windows 10 computer, the Microsoft Store is stacked with great apps for productivity and entertainment.

Now with more than 500,000 apps to choose from, their selection has improved quite a bit over the last couple of years. I will show you ten free apps for your Windows 10 PC that you should try out.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Free Apps for Windows 10

Adobe Photoshop Express is easy to use and lightweight photo editing tool.

It is for those of you that don’t need the full-featured version of Photoshop. It gives you the necessary tools to quickly edit your photos for free with none of the features locked behind a paywall.

It offers the filters similar to Instagram. You can rotate, flip, change the aspect ratio and straighten out your image. The corrections tab is the most useful of these light lets you adjust the exposure and contrast if you have a washed-out photo go down to blacks and adapt the slider to the left you have five color choices six effects including clarity and grain and details have the option to sharpen your image there’s a tool to heal blemishes you can’t correct red-eye with a single click and there’s a tab to add borders to your photos

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At the top of the screen, there’s an auto-enhance tool that can touch up your photo with just one click. This feature is hit or miss but may come in handy if you’re in a hurry.

Xodo PDF reader and Editor

Free Apps for Windows 10

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is a better alternative to using the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It includes more tools for editing and PDFs load faster.

It offers edit option which gives you several tools to markup your document. You can even create your own signature.

If you select View mode to help protect your eyes there’s even an option for night mode when compared to many of the free PDF readers.


Free Apps for Windows 10

EarTrumpet is one of the best your trumpet, maybe the best app that you never knew. It allows you to quickly change the volume for any specific app in your taskbar.

EarTrumpet looks just like the sound icon. When you select it, you can see the volume control for every program that you have opened with sliders to quickly change the volume.

Ditto Clipboard

Free Apps for Windows 10

Ditto Clipboard is a superior clipboard tool than what is included with Windows. It allows you to save any type of information in texts, images or anything else that you can normally copy. It allow you access to those items at a later time.

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Ditto clipboard also lives in the taskbar where you can find your clipboard items. Just copy and paste the item wherever you need. It offers several choices in the setting panel such as saving your current clipboard to be used later on.


Free Apps for Windows 10

Fused is a cool blending app that can help you to create interesting effects for your photos and videos.

Here’s how it works –

  • First, select your background photo or choose the original image and click the checkmark to move on.
  • Now select your foreground photo and now you will have a blend of two photos. Selecting blends will give you several types of blends to play around.
  • Adjust option will let you change the contrast exposure and brightness. It includes masking tools along with tools to crop, rotate and flip your image.
  • When you’re done, you can save your project to your computer.


Free Apps for Windows 10

Duolingo is a popular language learning app for Android and iOS. It also has an app for Windows with 16 languages to choose from.

When you first launch the app, select the course that you would like to take. You can pick any languages and then it’s going to ask you to pick a daily goal.


Free Apps for Windows 10

Fanboys can argue all day about their favorite music services but if you’re looking for a quality app in the Microsoft Store for listening to music, Spotify is the absolute best.

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If you want to listen to Spotify for free, it is ad-supported. For an ad-free on-demand experience Spotify Premium will set you back about ten dollars per month.

Share X

Free Apps for Windows 10

Share X is an opensource screenshot and screen recording tool that can be customized to fit your needs.

It offers a lot more features than the snipping tool in Windows 10. Share X is not your standard screenshot program but it’s packed with full of features.

Crystal Disk Mark

Crystal Disk Mark is an open source benchmark utility that tests the read and writes speeds of your hard disk or solid-state drives.

It’s simple to use, there are three drop-down boxes to check the benchmark of the storage disk. If you’ve just installed an SSD into your computer, this is a cool benchmark when comparing it to a hard disk drive or other SSDs you may own.

Code Writer

Free Apps for Windows 10

There are several code editors available in the Microsoft Store. Code Writer is the best that I’ve used. It’s a definite step up from using notepad which is pre-installed in Windows 10.

It supports more than 20 popular file types and comes with active syntax highlighting in the settings. It can be customized to fit your needs. If you’ve been looking for a new code editor, check out code writer.

Final Words

Let me know in the comments if you know the free app in the Microsoft Store that’s worth trying out.


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