Top 10 best free websites like Rainierland [2019]

movie sites like rainierland

Rainier Land is one of the cool websites to stream movies online for free but few times people are looking for alternatives because of being bored with the same pattern of the particular websites. So, we are here to sort out the issue with another post which contains the list of online movie and TV Series streaming websites and the rundown is as good as Rainierland.

So without any delay, let’s check out the list of free movie streaming websites which come as an alternative for RainierLand.

Sites similar to Rainierland


websites like Rainierland


If you are looking to watch free movies with great contents and awesome experience, Putlocker comes as a great alternative to Rainierland. The user interface is interactive which comes with a green background and the quality of videos is up to the mark.

Well, the database of the website is huge and the filter option is strong in the menu section. The menu refine according to the Genre, Year, most watched and recently added.  Well, Putlocker also offers TV shows on their website, which comes as plus point to the visitors of the website.

According to the SimilarWeb data, The number of visitors to the website is around 25 million on monthly basis and most of the visitors are from the USA and the UK. The number of users on the website is increasing mightily.

After all, I will rate the Putlocker as 4.1 out of 5 stars in terms of overall response and standard of the website.



  • User interactive
  • Nice collection of movies
  • TV Shows option are also available



  • New tabs add on each each click
  • Little bit on the slower side


websites like rainierland - fmovies

Fmovies conquer the space as another best Rainierland alternative. The site is awesome to watch movies and TV Series online and the collection the movies is huge which are updated regularly.

Fmovies offers the movies and TV Shows in various different languages and you can easily bifurcate the content on the basis of genres, release year, trending and more. One of the cool feature about Fmovies is that you can request for a movie or TV Shows if not available on the site.

Talking about the layout, it offers a dark theme which is easy to eyes. On the homepage, you can find the list of most watched, latest movies and the latest TV Shows. There are various servers available for each video so that if a particular server is not working in streaming it, you can change it to other.

The registration is not compulsory on the website and user can stream unlimited videos without any issue. There are various proxies of Fmovies are also available such as and

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The number of visitors on the website is huge and can be counted around 7.5M per month. Most of the visitors on the website are from the United States and India.


  • Huge collection of movies
  • Movies available in more than 10 languages
  • No signup required


  • Lots of Popup Ads

House Movie


house movie - websites like rainierland

House Movie comes with a house-full package. Yes, it comes in the list as another website like Rainierland. The first thing that comes to the mind when you scroll the site is its smoothness.

The layout is clean and smooth. The homepage comes with not so many options but all the options are great to taste. Apart from the normal sections of Movies, TV Shows and Genre, there are two new sections which are worth to try. If you don’t have any suggestions in the mind for the movie, go to Random Movie and if you are bored in the middle of movies, move to Article section to sit back and relax.

Well, the visitors to the website is not is not huge because it is really slow, which is not avoidable. The ads are also not avoidable as it contains a lot. Yeah, the total visitor on the website is around 700K. House Movie can be rated 3.8 stars out of 5.



  • Clean layout
  • Article reading option
  • Random movie playing option



  • Slow
  • Lots of Ads popup


websites like rainierland - geeker

If you want a website for pure entertainment, Geeker is the best site like Rainierland. It is the website which offers every entertainment stuffs such as movies, TV shows, music, PDF, eBooks etc.

The appearance of the website is quite professional and easy to scroll all over the web pages. One of the demerits of the website is that it is not completely free. It offers one-month free subscription while from the second month, it will charge for the lifetime.

The traffic on the website is not so huge as it is subscription based service but most of the traffic on the website is organic. Geeker is widely famous in the western countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.


  • Access to full HD movies
  • Provides eBooks, PDFs
  • Offers unlimited streaming of music
  • One month free subscrition


  • Subscription based service
  • SignUp is compulsory


vumoo - websites like rainierland

Vomoo is a great winning website but the homepage seems to have a lot of images and poster of the movies and TV Series which makes it bloated.

When we talk about the User Interface, the background of the website is black and posters are all over the pages which are varying section wise such as Popular this week, currently watching, new releases and many more.

There are two options in the main menu i.e. Browse and TV Shows.

  • From the browse option, you can select the genre, year and various other categories which seems to be quite a tough task if you are going to watch any movie or series.
  • From the TV Shows option, you will be directly redirected to the page where you can easily find all the shows available on the Vumoo.

The collection of the movies is not huge but it will be helpful if you find other websites don’t have particular movies or TV Series. The websites come with two servers, one is the main server and another one is backup server called Openload Server.

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When we talk about the audience on the websites, the number of visitors on the website is laying down day by day because of the bad maintenance of the website. The total monthly visitors on the website is around 2 million and most of the US.



  • Easy to access TV Shows
  • Layout is user friendly



  • Website is slow
  • Server becomes faulty

X Movies 8 

xmovies8 - websites like rainierland


Xmovies8 is quite different from all mentioned in the list because it offers various other features which are not even mentioned in other websites. Well, the best feature of the websites is Anime and Cartoons section integrated within. Well, it comes to the layout of the website, it is awesome but somehow glitchy. The website comes with a black background and lot of click to action is available on the website.

The major USP of the website is Asian Drama which is also integrated with the main menu. The homepage of the website is divided into the section as recently uploaded movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Anime and Asian Dramas. But the real issue with the website comes as Ads and glitch in the website while scrolling through it.

When it comes to traffic on the website, the monthly visitors to the websites is around 1.6 million and most of the visitors are from the India, USA and UK.

I will rate the xMovies8 as 3.5 out of 5 stars in terms of overall behaviour and standard of the website.



  • Layout is cool
  • Great collection of Anime, Cartoons
  • Asian TV Shows option are also available



  • each click turns into Ad
  • Scrolling glitch


Movies Co  


MoviesCo - websites like rainierland

Simple and efficient is the correct word which can describe the movies. The website is clean as heaven but the collection is not so huge. MoviesCo is the right destination the guys who prefer classic TV Shows and movies. It is free movie sites like Rainierland.

The homepage page of the website is smooth with only three options in the menu section varying as Movies, TV shows and the third one is Anthologies – the cult movies section. Different languages subtitle option is also available when you play

As I already mentioned the website does not come with the huge database, so, the same goes with the number of the users. The monthly visitors to the website is around 700k and almost 50{557d2b006b76a8f97e58bbcc3182b685e59c2e392a73f3088f94072684731bb9} of users are from the USA.

I will rate the MoviesCo as 3.2 out of 5 in terms of overall behaviour and standard of the website.



  • Clean Layout
  • Smoothly driven web pages



  • The Cult section is small
  • Most of the server links are broken

Movie 4K

movie4k - websites like rainierland

Movie4K is another website like Rainierland. The user interface of the website is pretty sick but the movies available here is updated quickly. If you are looking for new movies, Movie4K is the right destination.

The great feature which is worth to mention is Torrent and LiveTV link in the menu. Torrent link tales you the and the LiveTV link takes you to the I haven’t researched yet, but I am quite sure that Movie4K comes 123movies as a sub-brand.

The number of visitors to the website is limited in the quantity, mostly because of the bad layout. The total users count to be around 3.4M and the visitors come here from Germany and the USA, of course.

Movie4k can be rated approx 3.0 out of  5 stars.

Hub Movie

hub movie - websites like rainierland

Hub Movie comes as just other websites similar to Rainierland. It comes with specific yet good features within the website. It menu section contains options like  Movies, TV shows which are quite common in each and every movie streaming website.

Some other features which make Hub Movie stand out are Request and  Schedule option on the menu. Request menu is simple and useful where you can ask for any movies and TV Series to be uploaded to the website. The Schedule features show the releasing date and time of upcoming TV Series and movies, which is quite useful for the Movie and TV shows enthusiast.

Hover Over on the poster is another cool feature where you can get few basic details of the movie. Well, the other features seem marks the primary standards. The total number users on the websites seem to be around 800K and the website is quite popular in the western countries. Almost 45{557d2b006b76a8f97e58bbcc3182b685e59c2e392a73f3088f94072684731bb9} visitors to the website are from the USA.

Hub Movie counts around 3.4 stars out of 5 for the quality and response of the site.



  • Simple meun section
  • Request option for new movies and shows
  • Upcoming Movies and TV Shows release details



  • Slow
  • Lots of Ads popup

Watch Free


watch free - websites like rainierland


Watch Free is quick to use and scroll options are smooth. It is a simple website which looks quite similar to Put lockers and is a great alternative to RainierLand. The homepage of the website is pretty straightforward with just two option. The first one comes as Movies and the other one comes as TV Shows.

Well, the front page itself mentions the list as Top Putlocker movies. I think WatchFree is totally influenced by PutLockers.

Woah, the visitors’ list on the websites is pretty huge. It breaks the record of Rainierland in terms of the number of the visitors. The in total monthly visitors is almost 30M.

When it comes to rating, the Watch Free gains 4.0 out of 5 stars in terms of overall quality of the website.



  • Clean Layout
  • Fast



  • Ads


123gostream - website like rainierland

The user always feels interactive with a website which offers ad-free experience and clean layout while watching movies or Tv Shows online. These two features can be attained by a 123GoStream.  The websites offer a great collection of movies as well as TV Shows.

The quality of the 123gostream is similar to Rainierland and movie streaming options works in the same way. The main menu on the homepage offers a lot of option to categorize and filter the movies or TV shows. These options are Genre, Country, Year and various other categories such as Top IMDb, Popular movies, and Popular TV Shows.

On the video streaming page, there is two main option available for the users i.e. Stream in HD and another one is Download in HD. So, the users get the double benefit on the site to either download or watch a movie. 😊

According to the statistics, the monthly visitors on the website is around 100k because the website is new but content wise, it is overwhelming.

I will rate 4.0 stars out of 5, only because of easy streaming, no ad pop ups and no signup required for the watching movies and TV shows online.



  • Easy streaming of movies
  • User-friendly layout
  • Easy scrolling



  • No issue

Hey guys, the list is not over yet. I am going to cover a few more on the list as a bonus. So, check them out!!!

Final Words

The list of movie streaming websites is not going to end. There a tons of online movie streaming websites like RainierLand. So, I have listed only the best one as an alternative to Rainierland.

If you know some interesting and useful websites which can make space in the list. feel free to comment down below and show your opinion.


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