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sites similar to solarmovie

Solar Movie is just another awesome website for online movie streaming. It is a cool website with a huge collection of movies and cool layout where a lot a visitors comes, stay and enjoy the movies, TV Series.

What if the website is not working properly, do you have any alternatives to the Solar Movie in mind?  Well, If you don’t have any suggestion in your mind, I am here to sort out the confusion and give you a list of best movie streaming sites like SolarMovie.

What is Solarmovie?

Solar Movie is a high-quality video or movie streaming website, which allows people to watch new movies for free of cost on a regular basis.

The website offers a huge list of movies for people enjoys the convenience from time to time. The solar movie is considered illegal in many countries because they allow users to watch new movies for free of cost.

Features of Solar Movie

  • Free of cost –

It is highly recommended for people to check and compare various options in order to take maximum mileage of the feature from time to time.

SolarMovie allows people to watch and download most of the movies in IMDB without paying a dime as registration charges.

  • HD quality streaming –

SolarMovie allows people to browse through options based on the category and list.

It is easier for people to watch HD or high definition quality movies by visiting the page of a particular movie in an effective way.

  • No download requirement –

Gone are the days when people used to open torrents in order to download movies conveniently. Solarmovie provides an option for people to watch and download simultaneously, which helps people to save time on a regular basis.

Sites similar to Solarmovie


There are alternatives available in the market, which provides an easy way to use it based on the convenience from time to time.

So, without any further chitchat, let’s go through the list:

 #1 – PrimeWire

PrimeWire - sites like solarmovie

PrimeWire is a simple and easy to scroll website where do not get a lot of features but it will fulfil all your need in a smoothly.

The USP of the website is the classic movies and old age cinema and but the website regularly uploads the latest movies which come as a plus point. One more interesting feature that is present on the website is Listen to Music option. But, it is not working properly.

The layout of the website is pretty bad, without any doubt and the site requires SignUp which also makes it worse. But, the speed of the website is nice as it loads pretty fast and there are no popup ads. 

Well, the website works pretty good in the United Kingdom with the audience counts around 40% of the overall traffic. According to the web data, the total number of monthly visitors are almost 1.3 million which is huge.

Let’s talk about  Pros and Cons of PrimeWire:

#2 – Movie Watcher

movie watcher - sites like solarmovie

Movie Watcher has a pretty refreshing layout with the movies poster thumbnail of movies poster on the homepage. They also offer the list of coming soon movies on their website, which is quite cool to know.

When we are talking about the layout, it is simple and but at the same time, it feels awesome. The database of the website is huge, ranging the movies selection based on genre, years, new movies and the popular movies.

The negative insight of Movie watcher that hits the mind instantly is the signup required for the users to watch movies. Nothing else seems to be against the Movie Watcher.

Well, the statistics about this websites is also good, as the number of monthly visitors on the website is 2.8 million and this websites rocks in term of quality of videos uploaded.



  • Refreshing user interface
  • Huge movie collection



  • Sign Up required

#3 – GoMovies

gomovies - sites like solarmovies

GoMovies is the best alternative to SolarMovies. The website comes with the great layout but also with a lot of features which makes the user amusing.

On the homepage, Go Movies offers a lot a slider with latest added movies with all the basic details. It also gives a layer of suggested movies, recently uploaded movies, TV Series and more.

It gives a hover over details on each poster of the movies. When you move to the main page of movie section, it offers “Download in HD” and “Stream in HD” as a quality option but that isn’t working as per mentioned.

The major drawback that comes with GoMovies is that it doesn’t offer mirror links to the server in case the movies and TvSeries are not responding. There are fewer Ads popup which seems to be nice for the users.

As per the stats, The monthly visitors on the website are around 2.0 million and the max quantity of users are from the United Kingdom.



  • Cool user interface
  • Huge database



  • One Server link for  each video

#4 – M4ufree is one of the popular website, which provides a similar interface like solarmovie in an effective way. The similar interface plays a vital role for most of the people because it helps them to find their favorite movie without delay.

M4ufree offers both TV series and movies at high definition quality, which is allowed to watch for free of cost.

The website has been used by a lot of people from different parts of the world because it provides an easy way to watch TV series without paying a dime.

M4ufree do not even ask for you to register, which helps most of the new users to view the website and take benefits from the contents without compromising on the convenience from time to time.



  • Huge movie collection
  • Daily updates of new movies
  •  Lots of server option



  • Layout can be improved


#5 – Movie4U

Movie4U is simple yet another alternative to SolarMovie. As it doesn’t offer a lot of option but yes they offer good collection movies and TV Shows.

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It has a simple layout with the posters of the movies. On the homepage, it gives us filter option on the basis of Genre, Years, the Movies an TV shows.

The issues of Movie Watcher is that they require to Sign Up for watching the movies and I haven’t seen any ad popup when clicking on each link.

Well, the stats of this websites is awesome only because of easy layout and no hidden ads. The average monthly visitors on the website is around 3.0 million and the major audiences are from the USA and the UK.



  • Easy to scroll layout
  • No Ad popups



  • Sign Up is required

#6 – RainierLand

rainierland - sites like solarmovies

The plain and simple layout award winner is RainierLand. The website is simple with no extra options other than Movies and TV Series on the homepage.

The quality of the website is awesome as there is no glitch in the website and it offers a various link to alternate servers in case, the server links are broken.

The drawback that comes to my mind while watching movies on Rainier Land is that it comes with a lot of ad popups. Apart from that, the video streaming quality is nice and flawless.

As per stats on SimilarWeb, the monthly visitors on the website is 1.0 million and almost 50% of visitor are from the USA.



  • Flawless streaming
  • Alternate server links



  • Lots of Ad popup

#7 – Io Movies

 websites like solarmovie

IOmovies is a top pick among youngsters in the current generation for various reasons. The site is a must use for people to watch unlimited movies on the go.

The interface of the website attracts a lot of people because it offers sufficient amount of information to save plenty of time on a regular basis.

The organization of the data has helped a lot of people to choose the website in order to save time and explore options easily. The categorization of the data plays an important role for every user, as it helps them to explore various options in an easy way.

It is highly recommended for people to try IoMovies website before trying with other options because it helps them to find an easy way to access and explore options from time to time.



  • Clean and Interactive layout
  • Very few ad popups



  • Websites is little slow

 #8 – 123Movies

123movies - sites like solarmovie

The look of  123movies is same as GoMovies and comes as good backup for SolarMovies. The award for best movie streaming website goes to 123movies.

The database collection of 123movies is huge. On the homepage, it offers a lot of option for easy filtration, such as Top IMDb, Country, latest, A-Z list and many more. It also gives an option of “Request”, so that users can ask for certain movies or TV Shows to uploaded.

This website updates their content regularly and the best feature that comes with the website is alternative server links. The issue which can be faced on the website is Ads.

The monthly visitors to the website is around 6.0 million and the website is used worldwide.



  • Huge Database
  • Easy scrolling
  • Easy filtration



  • Lots of Ad popup

#9 – Yes Movies

websites like solarmovie

YesMovies is focusing on new movies and TV series for a long time now in order to attract users in an easy way. The website looks like a premium or a paid site but provides an easy option for people to watch movies without paying a dollar from time to time.

The YesMovies is considered as the best alternative for SolaMovie because it is easier to find new movies and TV series in a quick span of time.

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The website offers an easy way to explore movies by filtering the content in various ways. It is easier for people to use the interface to sort videos based on the requirement because it allows people to save time while searching for a particular movie without compromising on the quality in an effective way.



  • Great collection of movies
  • Cool interface of website



  • Lots of Ad popup

#10 – Haloamovies

Haloamovies is considered one of the best alternatives for Solarmovie because it offers a huge database for users to search for their favorite movie in an easy way.

The website is known to have one of the largest databases of movies and TV Series, which allows people to explore based on the requirement from time to time.

The Haloamovies is used in different parts of the world because the simple user interface provides an easy option for people to search for their favorite movies in a single click.

The sorting options and the large database has helped the website to gain a lot of traffic and repeated users in order to enjoy the content easily.



  • Simple interface



  • Lot of movies aren’t available

#11 – LetMeWatchThis

websites like solarmovie

Letmewatchthis is a similar website to SolarMovie with a gigantic collection of both old and new content from time to time. It is easier for people to watch movies or TV series with a single click on the website.

The user-friendly interface allows people to explore options and rate movies without compromising on the convenience in an effective way.

The website provides a lot of ads while and before watching the movie or a TV series. The ads are helping the developers to keep up the good work from time to time. It is easier for people to skip ads quickly to switch back to the video in a quick span of time.



  • New movies are updated regularly



  • Signup is compulsory
  • Layout is little fuzzy

#12 – Vumoo

websites like 123movies


The last option in the list, but competes with other alternatives with plenty of features and options in an effective way. The VUMOO is one of the top websites online with a huge collection of the database in both movies and TV series section from time to time.

The website offers content in different formats, which can be used based on the internet connectivity and requirement in an easy way.

It is highly recommended for people to try VUMOO as a perfect alternative for SolarMovie because it helps people to watch movies and TV series without charging a dime.

The website provides effective streaming, which allows people to save ample amount of time while watching on a regular basis.



  • Awesome user interface
  • Sign up is not compulsory



  • Websites is not SSL certified

Well, the list is not over yet, there are more websites which can be mentioned as sites like SolarMovies:

  • House Movie
  • X movies 8
  • Hub Movie
  • F Movies
  • PrimeWire

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Solarmovie is on one of the popular and the best online streaming website to watch movies and TV series for free of cost. The online streaming has attracted a lot of people in the current generation because it is easier for people to watch movies instantly.

Gone are the days, when people used torrents in order to find new movies because it helps them download it for free of cost. It is highly recommended for people to go through the above list of the high-quality movie streaming website in order to watch with the maximum amount of convenience from time to time.

Some of the top alternative websites to SolarMovie help users to enjoy the content without paying money in an effective way. As the list is never-ending, so, I have collected only the best alternates of SolarMovie and I will keep you updated with more awesome movie streaming websites in the later posts.

So Guys, if you find any good alternatives which I haven’t mentioned, feel free to mention the links in the comment section.

Happy Movie Streaming.!!

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