5 Best programming languages to learn and code in 2018

It’s not easy to measure the “best” or even “most prominent” programming language.



10 best programming languages



All languages are Turing Complete (Turing culmination) and have the ability to take the necessary steps. Pick the one that offers you the best powers of reflection for the issue domain that you are endeavoring to show. What’s more, it will be your “best” language for that domain.

I have done some exploration on best programming languages and found that in the event that you need to end up noticeably a decent engineer, at that point you ought to know about no less than 3– 4 programming dialects.

I have taken 5 best programming languages which is having the greater part of the piece of the overall industry at the present time and will have great request sooner rather than later. These are as per the following.

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Angular


Research Analysis of 5 best programming languages over time : 

best programming languages


 Javascript : 

5 best programming languages to learnIt is an undeniable dynamic programming language that, when connected to a HTML document, can give dynamic intuitiveness on sites.

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There is a constant demand for the Javascript engineers, Various web advancement, telecom and IT organizations additionally require DHTML and JavaScript experts for their site and web application improvement and support needs.

JavaScript can be illustrated by: If this, then that.

The latest version of JavaScript (ECMAScript 6) is launching in late 2017 and developers are already emotional about it (out of joy).

Learn jQuery once you understand JavaScript. This is a library of different ‘plugins’ to add to your code which saves you time and makes it much easier for you to add a feature.

As Usersnap stated in the article on the best web development trends for 2017, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in the world.

best programming languages

Javascript as a most used language of 2017


Best tutorials to learn Javascript are :

  1.  w3school online tutorial
  2.  MDN developer.mozilla tutorials
  3. Javascript

Java : 

best programming languages

No rundown will be finished without Java. Over the long haul, it’s dependably an incredible decision and the details recommend it’s not leaving Java langauage at any point in the near future.

It’s utilized on 15 billion (that is not a grammatical mistake) gadgets and more than 10 million designers utilize Java around the world!

Learn Java in the event that you are keen on making Android applications, amusements, programming and site content.

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Java 9 is latest version, so definitely check it out.

We made you a list to go through online tutorials of JAVA :

  1.  thenewboston video tutorials
  2. Javatpoint tutorials
  3. Tutorialpoint 

Python :

5 best programming languages to learnPython is a broadly utilized universally useful, high level programming language. It was at first outlined by Guido van Rossum in 1991 and created by Python Software Foundation. It was essentially produced for emphasis on code coherence, and its sentence structure enables software engineers to express ideas in less lines of code.

Python is a programming languages that gives you a chance to work rapidly and incorporate frameworks all the more productively.

There are two noteworthy Python adaptations.  Both are very extraordinary.

  • Python 2
  • Python 3


Growth of Python in industry is increasing drastically according to stackoverflow stats :

best programming languages

Growth of major programming languages


Best tutorials for python are listed below:

  1.  Tutorialpoints  
  2. Python for beginners

 PHP : 

best programming languages to learnIt is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

There is a constant demand in the market for the PHP professionals, this can be seen in the above image also.


From where to learn PHP :

  1. w3school tutorials
  2. tutorialpoint
  3. thenewboston video lectures

Angular JS : 

best programming languagesAngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google.

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It was come into existence in 2014. It will take sometime to get into groove. The graph clearly represents that there will be good demand of AngularJS developers in the near future.


Online resources for learning AngularJS : 

  1. w3school tutorials
  2. Angularjs docs

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