Best Ways to do an Outreach Campaign

In 2014, Matt Cutts, Google’s former head of web-spam made a big announcement that guest blogging was done for. This was followed by a warning from Google in 2017 about abusing guest blogging to build links.

They had their reasons. The SEO benefits of guest blogging have been abused time and again by writers to drive traffic and develop backlinks.

So does this mean that the days of guest blogging are actually over?

Well technically Google’s warning did not mention anything about stopping Guest posts altogether.

One could still make Guest posting work for himself provided he has the honest intent which includes publishing high quality content that reaches its target audience-the readers and not only search engines.

If you are one of those people who believe that guest posting is actually a waste of time, think again. Guest posting does have its benefits, especially when you are starting out as a blogger and you want people to know your name.

Here are some benefits of Guest Posting:

  1. Marketing Marketing Marketing: It is the twenty-first century, it doesn’t matter how good you are. What matters is how you put yourself out there.

Guest Blogging is a perfect opportunity for the same. If you could impress people with your guest blogs, you’ll build connections that will go a long long way in your career.

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  1. Drive traffic– An important aspect of guest blogging, is the increase in traffic to your website.

So when you write a guest post, always be sure to ask for a link to your website in exchange.  This link will send quality traffic to your website after someone reads your blog post. More traffic means more people are coming to your website to learn about your services. Not bad, eh? Also you can always outsource many things in outreach to Seo Agency, My recommendation is Degions. They have earned a good name in a short while. Here is their link

  1. Connect-Bloggers are constantly on the lookout for content to be put up on their sites.

If you are able to approach them with good quality content, not only will you bring value to their websites but also will register your name in the good books of the blogger. It’s a cut throat business; make as many friends as you can.


  1. Find like-minded people– Guest blogging grants you access to a community of people who at the end of the day share the same interests. It pushes you further.

You get the chance to connect with them and form a network. You learn from them and maybe even share a thing or two. It also becomes a platform where you can clear your doubts.

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  1. Establish authority-You can demonstrate your authority by showing your expertise in an area.

By posting as a guest you are establishing your credibility and people will now see you as a ‘go to’ person for their doubts, and the more people recognize you the better it is for your business.

  1. Build a brand-It is imperative in the corporate world to build a brand name. With more guest posting you get more exposure.

When you have a business that you need to market, increasing your exposure helps more people to know you. As a result your business will drive more traffic and in the end more revenue.

  1. Build a relation with search engines– When guest blogging, the host blogger will link your blog in the posts and these links add value to your blog on search engines.


Hmm making friends in the virtual domain now, are we sir?



  1. Generate new leads– When you guest blog you are networking with new potential leads.  The visitors that are exposed to your guest blog post might be impressed with your knowledge and reach out to you for further services.

Even if they don’t do that right away, they have already registered you as a viable option for the future.

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  1. Improve your writing– Practice makes a man perfect and no matter how good you are, constantly putting your thoughts into writing hones your skills even further.

Remember you can always get better.

So you see Guest Blogging isn’t such a bad idea when you are starting out as a blogger. In the end, it is all about establishing your credibility in your niche. To separate yourself from the herd you could also try to pick a niche in which the numbers of credible writers are less.

But hey, if you are passionate about your niche, then stick around no matter what. It is your passion that will separate you from the rest.

Blogging is a tough field. With the availability of internet everyone has a platform where they can establish themselves as a blogger. But then it also makes it so much more difficult to make a name for yourself.

Guest blogging may not be the end product writers’ dream of when they think of a career in writing, but it is certainly a means to an end.

Remember, just like any other good thing in life, it will demand your patience and honest hard work. So stick around.

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