Top 10 best websites like Craigslist

websites like craiglists

Craigslist is an advertising platform which is classified and divided into a variety of sections like jobs, personnel, sale, purchasing, renting, services, gigs, resume editing, community etc.

Earlier in 1995, it was an email distribution listing for friends, local events in San Francisco. In 1996, it extended in other classified categories and became web-based service. Till 2000 it was all over US Countries and currently it covers almost 70 plus countries worldwide.

There are also non-English Craig’s supportive like Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German (EU Countries) which were also first non-English supportive in March 2008.

Craigslist alternatives

Craigslist got famous over a period of time as a classified. So, other websites also came up as a competitor to Craigslist to earn value in the market.

Some of the websites have a lot of similarity to Craigslist, while some have more features for the user and some lag behind in features. So, let’s check the list of good alternates of Craiglist.

  • CityNews
  • eBay Classified
  • Oodle
  • Olx
  • com
  • Ads Globe
  • Hoobly
  • Adoos
  • Recycler
  • Pawngo


One of the best classified ads among craigslist alternatives.  It can be easily handled by people from USA, UK, Asia, Europe etc. It has classified featured ads. They offer photo classified ads, reasonable categories, and bargain statewide and national classifieds. You can simply post your classified ads by posting single or multiple photographs with almost free or minimal cost. This Advertisement site is completely free to all and enhances the approach at a different level. You can publish and search ads from anywhere.

eBay Classified

Currently known among the close 5  competitors and is one of the smartest brands among classified site like Craiglist. It helps vendors turn their undesirable litter to cash and assist patrons to save their money by linking them with the best deals in their area. eBay is somehow designed for completely modern classifieds user, it has features like profile sign-in as well as in-app messaging to keep contact details private. And yes, they do provide hyper-local features which allow their users to look after their products within a specified distance.

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Oodle is an online marketplace for classified ads listed in United States Of America, Canada, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand. It has been divided into various sections like Merchandise, Cars, Rental, Real Estate, Jobs, Tickets and Pets, Services, community, Personal. It is headquartered at San Mateo, California, United States of America and was founded in 2005.


It was founded in 2006, One of the largest classified advertising company in almost 44 plus countries like India, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Brazil, Philippines, and Thailand etc. The most important thing about Olx is they adopted “Martian Commence” to international evolution, introducing nationally around India, the gigantic available market, as compared to states of America. A well-known stage for vending and purchasing services and products like electronics, furniture, household, cars, and bikes. OLX had a greater number of around 11 billion-page views, over 200 plus active million users monthly, and having more than 25 plus million listings, and 8.5 plus million transactions monthly. Olx also offers programmatic advertising which helps them accessing millions of unique visitors and billions of monthly page views.


Tagline with “Aasaan hai badalna” which means easy to replace. At first, it was inaugurated and known as Kijiji India in end of 2005. It is an Indian classified Advertisement website. It was founded in early 2008 and its headquarter is in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It has listings in over 900 cities in India in categories such as mobile phones, household goods, cars, real estate, jobs, pets, renting, services and education. It also offers other services which include a missed call, and instant messaging services.

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Ads Globe

The “finest” craigslist websites which automatically identify your area location and reflects advertisements posted for your area. An important part is you can post unlimited free ads almost anywhere about any property or functions and it is not limited to these, you can post ads for any organization, dating/individual, animals, travel, careers, and others etc. It has a rich feature relating to online classifieds/ads site like craigslist. It also has a column of popular searches and recent ads going on their website. Moreover, it is listed worldwide in almost 130 plus countries.


It is an amazing website almost identical to craigslist, with loftier design and command line or you can say graphical user interface. It has a Section of Events, Arts, Books, Business and Industrials, Clothing and Accessories, Collectibles, Electronics, Employments and careers, Hobbies and Crafts, Home and Garden, Jewelry and Gems, Musical Instruments, Pets, Real Estate, and Vehicles. It is very easy to seek out your kind of ads with this classifieds Craig’s. While Exploring the site, you will find out an option that how to post an ad and good thing is where you can quickly post your ad for customers which is surprisingly the best thing. Ads are completely customizable by you, it can be an outline, photographs or films. Hoobly is widely known for its offer to avail free-choice for every individual he can sell, buy or adopt pets.

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It is accessible over 60 plus countries in 20 plus languages. Mainly, it is located in capital city of Spain. It is a platform where you can easily share your ad over social networking or media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. Yes, this site look-alike “Social Craigslist Media” familiar for its social media capabilities. You can sign in through your Facebook account and post your ads over there. It is worldwide crisscross of free and easy to use local classifieds communities attracting over millions of unique visitors per month. You can discover everything you require from jobs to housing, cars to friends and, with a bit of luck, even angel or sweetheart!


Recycler, Another craigslist, was re-launched in the year 2010 on a national website. Recycler is a cyberspace classified same as Craigslist that was re-released again to serve America. As Oodle, Recycler has also started amalgamation with socially, allowing you to post your ads on your social media timeline or you can also publish it in local magazines in addition to the internet website! It bestows a constructive, and pre-eminent panacea to ensure you about your goods are reaching at your location. It introduces a completely different methodology for both purchaser and retailer, they can sign-up a free account onto it, which makes it simple to make the use of this basic craigslist like sites.


This website is quite non-identical from what the Craigslist proffers. This site does not advertise job listings or consummation rentals but does deal with precious goods like jewelry, gems, and techs that are make up for sale just like the name itself recommends. They bring the propound to the users based on the instant resale value of the items that are brought for the purpose of retailing.

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