3 Best WhatsApp Mods That You Should Use In 2020

Best WhatsApp Alternatives APK

We know that, in today’s world, how much smartphone plays an important role in our lives. In this increasing world of technology, there are always the new things that come every day. This mobile phone or smartphone is like the world in our hands. We know how much smartphones are has changed our lives and make it easier by giving the best solution.

WhatsApp is an application that is used to communicate with the people by messaging, video call or can place a simple call. WhatsApp is used by almost half of the world’s population. So WhatsApp is the most useful app for the people out there. WhatsApp is also available in iOS as well as Android. But the utilization of the WhatsApp at its fullest mode is not done by many people out there. So if you want to utilize the WhatsApp application to its fullest then you can use WhatsApp MODS.

What are WhatsApp MODS?

According to many people, the original theme and features that the WhatsApp provide are bit boring and unattractive. So to make them attractive and also if the user wants to access all the features including the extra features which are not in the WhatsApp, then WhatsApp Mod applications can be used. These features are very helpful and you can access them with these WhatsApp MODS. There are several MODS available but, today, we will describe the best of 2018 WhatsApp MODS among all.

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1)  GBWhatsApp

2)   FMWhatsApp

3)  YoWhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Best WhatsApp Alternatives


GBWhatsApp is one of the best and the most popular among the WhatsApp MODS. The best thing about the GBWhatsApp is that it is fully customizable. It means that you can edit the color of the chats, the ticks, and design. In fact, there are many more themes and wallpaper available which you can use. You can also change the chat setting and the notification setting in it. GBWhatsApp is created by the GB team only and the most significant reason behind the utilization is that the application is ban proof. This MOD is compatible with the Android devices and not on the other OS such as iOS. It means that you cannot use GBWhatsApp on the iPhone and the iPad.

Some of the features added to this are:

  • You can create the story without any limit.
  • Another feature is that you can also hide the online status using this MOD of the WhatsApp.
  • You can share up to 90 photos and video at a time and that too to the different people simultaneously.
  • You can also modify or change the app icon and customize it.
  • The most used feature is that you can also hide ticks and blue ticks and you can also apply multiple themes to your WhatsApp by just a click.
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So if you haven’t heard about the WhatsApp MODS or you haven’t used it yet, then just download the GBWhatsApp APK and use the coolest feature that they provide.


FMWhatsApp keeps your data safe and your privacy more secure. It can be applied and used with the GBWhatsApp so that your settings of the GBWhatsApp can be kept safe along with the privacy. It is one of the higher versions of all MODS. This version is so lightweight that it doesn’t occupy much space in your smartphone. FMWhatsApp is also ban proof that you can use for the long term without getting any trouble.

Some of the main features of the FMWhatsApp are:

  • There are no limits of anything in this version of the FMWhatsApp.
  • FMWhatsApp also supports the multiple themes; and
  • The best feature of this version is that it helps you to send video up to 1GB and don’t put the limit of 16MB just like the original one.


YoWhatsApp is another mod among the three MODS and has lot more feature than the previous two. It comes with the locker for the WhatsApp. You can lock and unlock your WhatsApp anytime. Here not only you can hide your ticks and all but also you get lots of themes. Along with it, the feature of sharing a 35MB video with your contacts is present here. Additional to this, you can also download the status of your contact list and this is one of the best features which is provided by the YoWhatsApp.

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All these MODS of WhatsApp are safe and secure, which you can use if you are bored and you want new features in your original WhatsApp.

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