Best YouTube hacks, tricks and unknown features

Let’s check out Youtube hacks….. Yes… it is legit

Youtube hacks , Tips and tricks



Youtube is video sharing website, where you can watch and share any video. There are various Youtube hacks which should be known by users to bypass the website.


Hack 1 :  Download Youtube video.

Tired of searching through a different website to convert the youtube video in audio form and then download it. Follow this simple trick.

Simply replace “youtube” with ssyoutube in the URL to download the audio!


Download youtube video


Hack 2 : Convert Youtube video into GIF

Want to convert any particular moment of YouTube video into GIF. We got you covered.

Replace “youtube” by gifyoutube  in the url.

Youtube hacks and tricks




Hack 3 : Play Video on loops.

Love a tune? Tired of holding tight youtube and playing again at whatever point the video gets finished. Well, utilize this basic YouTube hack to play recordings on the circle.

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Replace “youtube” by listenonrepeat in the URL.

Youtube hacks, tips and tricks

Listen to any track on repeat


Hack 4 : Bypass age restriction without login.

On occasion, youtube recordings aren’t shown due to Gmail account not connected or else being underage.

Use this simple hack ;

Replace “youtube” bynsfwyoutube in the URL and you are done.


YouTube hacks and tricks

Bypass age restriction in YouTube


Hack 5 : Customize the ads you see.

No doubt really you can redo the advertisements that create the impression that more often than not annoy us while we are going to watch a video.

Regardless of whether you are to watch a 10-second video, you will be compelled to watch a 30 sec clasp at times. While you can’t dispose of the advertisements, each time, however, you can unquestionably tweak them.

You should simply go to Advertisement Inclinations and evacuate whichever promotions you would prefer not to show up. Not certain what focal points this has, but rather, at any rate, I don’t need to watch that superfluous promotion any longer.

youtube hacks and tricks

Avoid annoying Youtube ads

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Hack 6 : Play Videos in Slow Motion

Did you know you can make any YouTube video play in slow motion? All you need to do is hold down the space bar and the video will start to play at a much slower speed.

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If that doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can also go to setting Gear. Select speed section and choose the

Hack 6: Play Videos in Slow Motion

the speed you want to play.


Youtube hacks and tricks

Change speed of your video

Hack 7:  Great Shortcuts for Youtube

Use keyboard keys (JKL and Arrow keys) to forward and backward video by 10 seconds. Keys are also used to move to next and previous videos.

  •  J –  Backward video by 10 seconds
  •  K – Pause video
  •  L – Forward video by 10 seconds

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