The biggest changes in technology of 2017

2017 has been a great year for changes in technology and its growth. Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Bezel less display, BitCoin and many more thing trending.


2017 in technology

The technology turnout and modification in 2017 are below :

  • Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain
  • Bitcoins
  • Bezel less display


 Virtual Reality [VR] :


Virtual Reality [VR] will bring lot of innovations in gaming technology in 2017. We can play as well as feel the situations using VR gadgets like VR-Box(for eye), gloves, helmets etc,. This technology is already available but it quite expensive.


tech 2017 updates

Virtual reality

Well, some strange/uncommon uses of Virtual Reality are :
  • Analysis of the code of a computer program by the production of some kind of 3D tree of the code structure.
  • Detection of possible sexual harassers/ paedophiles, by analyzing their response to virtually simulated sex scenes.
  • Emulation of the effects of drugs or induction of hallucinations.
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Blockchain :

In 2017, I think makers, caretakers, and clients will begin moving in enormous numbers to decentralized plans of action.

The year will stamp the greatest upsurge in applications utilizing the innovation Blockchain. It’ll be a general reaction to the huge tech powerhouses.

The pattern will be driven by a developing swell of dissatisfaction among individuals seeing concentrated applications, for example, Twitter (now huge on control), Facebook (intensely controlling its news bolster calculations), eBay (continually changing its standards for merchants) or Reddit (shadow restricting a large number of its clients).


Blockchain in 2017

Blockchain use in 2017


A blockchain is a persistently developing rundown of records, called pieces, which are connected and secured utilizing cryptography.Each square commonly contains a hash pointer as a connection to a past block, a timestamp and exchange information. By plan, blockchains are innately impervious to alteration of the information. The Harvard Business Review depicts it as “an open, appropriated record that can record exchanges between two gatherings productively and in an undeniable and changeless way”.

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Bitcoin :

Bitcoin is a digital currency and overall installment framework which is trending technology in 2017. It is the primary decentralized computerized money, as the framework works without a national bank or single administrator.

The system is shared and exchanges happen between clients straightforwardly using cryptography, without an intermediary. These exchanges are checked by arrange hubs and recorded in an open disseminated record called a blockchain.

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Bitcoin was concocted by an obscure individual or gathering of individuals under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and discharged as open-source programming in 2009.

How to Invest in BitCoin?


Bitcoin Worth?

As of Dec 2017, one bitcoin is worth $ 14400.00 – a considerable jump from late 2016, when it was around $770.

Bezel less Smart Phones :


A bezel is the “rim” or “front surround” – ie the part of the front surface of the phone that isn’t screen but surrounds it.
Bezel less Smart Phones are trending phones in 2017 In the days of CRT screens, they used to contain degaussing circuitry – in modern smartphone their role seems primarily structural.
The term was original French 13th century, and came into English in the early 17th century,  and referred to the bit that held in a gemstone in a piece of jewelry.

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