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clash of clan strategy

Clash of Clans (CoC) is free in-app purchase strategy game. Clash of Clans (CoC) errands players to assemble their own town utilizing the assets picked up from assaulting different players through the amusement’s battling highlights. The principal resources are gold, elixir and dark elixir. Players can conjoin to make clans, gatherings of up to fifty individuals who would then be able to share in Clan Wars together, give and get troops, and chat with each other. Get latest updates of CoC on twitter.

Clash Of Clans strategy varies from collecting gems, defensive clan base, Townhall upgradation and various other factors which help in building best clans. The best tactics for amateur are given beneath :


clash of clan strategy

On the off chance that you would prefer not to buy Gems (which is a misuse of money), do whatever it takes not to utilize them before you are not getting 5 builders. The more builders you got, the quicker you can upgrade.

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Townhall Upgrade

Do not upgrade your town hall until you have upgraded every building and troops to the maximum possible levels of that Townhall. Even upgrade walls before upgrading Townhall – Clash Of Clans strategy.

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Troop Combination

clash of clan strategy

Don’t use the same troops for all the battles. Make the different combination of troops for War attacks and Home base loot. For Air attack – use troops suitable for attack with right combinations of spells. Though, for Ground attack – use a suitable combination of troops and spells which help in gaining maximum resources.

Defensive Base

clash of clans strategy

Try to build a separate base for Home Village and War Base.  Keep your storages inside walls in Home village and preferably keep storages outside in War base. Keep your base as a more of the puzzle, so that minimum loot will be affected and maximum defense trophies can be gained – Clash Of Clans strategy.

Time management

The most important thing to play the game effectively is to manage your time, collect loot for next upgrade before your builder going to finish the current upgrade if you are able to keep your builders busy you are on right track.

Builder Usage

clash of clans strategy

The most important thing to play the game successfully is to deal with your time, gather resources for next upgradation before your builder is going to complete current upgradation, in the event that you can keep your builders occupied you are on right track.

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Maintain league

Keep up your trophies in the reasonable association on the bases of your level of townhall and general experience level which will help you to discover appropriate bases during the search for loot – Clash Of Clans strategy.

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Join Clans

clash of clans strategy

Try to join an active clan, so,  that you can get into Wars. Try to attack your mirror bases in Wars and work on a good combination of troops. Helps others and get help by donating and requesting troops. Prefer to attack according to your Clan members and never rush for your beneficial attacks.

Clan Games and Events

clash of clan strategy

Perform well in Clan Games and Village achievements to help you gain more and more of resources and Gems. These strategies will help you become a good player in the game and more of your friends will ask strategies developed by you.


I hope this will help you.

Happy Clashing !!!

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