CocoFax Review: International Fax Made Easy!

Before sending international fax, you have to check the capability of a fax line. In numerous cases, it is not possible to send international faxes. International faxing is different than dialing a domestic or local number.

To send an international fax, you will need an international call prefix or an exit code to leave the telephone network of your country. With the help of a country code, you can access the telephone network of another country. If you want to find an international fax near me, you can trust CocoFax.

How do CocoFax Work for international faxes?

For international faxes, CocoFax is an affordable alternative of fax machines. CocoFax online service is a smart method to get rid of fax machines to send and receive faxes. You can send international faxes through your computer or mobile. To send international faxes, see these instructions:

  •   Use a web browser of PC or phone to send a fax. Open CocoFax official website and sign up to create your account. You will get a free number to send faxes from CocoFax. Remember, you will get a chance to choose your favorite number.
  •   A fax number is essential to send or receive faxes. Log in to a CocoFax account and access a dashboard. You will find a button in the corner “Send Fax”. Tap on this button.
  •   A popup window will open to compose fax. You can create your fax in this window. Enter a fax number of receiver followed by and upload your document.
  •   Tap on the “Send” button so that CocoFax can transmit your message to your receiver.

In this way, you can decrease the maintenance expense of a fax machine, including a phone line, toner, ink and paper. There is no need to depend on your fax machine. Modern alternatives allow you to save money and time.

Feel free to use computers as digital platforms. CocoFax website offers you complete details of online fax services. It is a reliable method to bridge the gap between analog and digital platforms by translating a form of communication.

Millions of satisfied users are trusting in this brand. This online faxing service is secured to protect your valuable information. Several big names, such as the New York Times, Toms Guide, Life Wire, Tech Advisor, Digital Trends and numerous others recommend the use of this service.

Use a Computer as a Fax Machine

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CocoFax is a reliable fax service to receive and send faxes through your personal computer. Feel free to use your smartphones and laptops to send faxes. There is no need to buy a fax machine in the presence of this service.  

You can use multiple methods to send and receive faxes from your PC. Fortunately, the web app of CocoFax is available for Mac, Windows PC, and android. After creating a free account, you will get a free fax number. A 30 days free trial is enough to evaluate this service.

Pricing for CocoFax

Pricing for CocoFax service may vary because you can choose between basic and premium plans. With a basic plan, you can fax 200 pages in a month. Moreover, the premium plan allows you to fax 400 pages per month.

There is no need to worry about the security and privacy of your data. For your assistance, knowledgeable representatives are available. You will get a free fax number for one month. Remember, this fax number is temporary. Once you get a subscription plan, this fax number becomes permanent.

After buying a CocoFax subscription plan, receiving and sending faxes will be free. Your subscription allows you to fax from your tablet, computer, laptop and phone without extra payment.

Flexible Fax Solution

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CocoFax is suitable for every business organization. Every freelancer and a big company can depend on this fax solution. If you don’t want to buy a fax machine, you can trust CocoFax. It is free from hidden charges.

You will get numerous flexible options, such as to send faxes from a laptop, computer and smartphones. It can work from your email application or web browser. With their lifetime storage, you can access all received and sent faxes forever. It can automatically save each fax.

With fax preview, you can view your faxes before sending them. CocoFax allows you to start sending faxes straight away without any special hardware or software. It is equipped with numerous user-friendly features to make faxing an easy task. If you have a limited budget for faxing, CocoFax can be an excellent choice for you.

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