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Social media are the best tool to increase your brand awareness and reach out to a targeted audience. Facebook was the most preferred social media platform for brand promotion. However, with short attention span audience and changing trends, Instagram emerged as an equally competitive platform. Facebook might hold a larger share of the audience, but Instagram, the picture and video sharing tool, is comparatively better at increasing sales rate.

Majority of social media users whether it is an individual account or represents a brand spend minimal effort on thinking catchy and creative username. It’s the username which is your primary identity in front of the audience or other social media users. It’s best to take some time to think over and come up with a suitable name for your Instagram handler, after all, it’s the essential prerequisite to blend in and get famous in the crowd.

Instagram Username Guide

Username tends to be of essential importance on social media as well as networking platforms. It becomes the digital impression of your brand name. A trendy and well-thought username can boost your sales as increasing your ROI. Username with a keyword related to your interest would be more

  • Username is the key to get noticed and visible to the masses. It’s vital to have an engaging brand name as it is the represents your brand.
  • Use a keyword to set yourself apart. It will broadcast your services as well as improve your visibility
  • Username is the opening entrance to options of communication on social media platforms. A confusing name with unnecessary characters or numbers or a lengthy name is a huge turn off for the audience.
  • A unique name is as important as unique content. However, it should be relevant to the cause or motive behind the account.
  • A complicated name is confusing to remember to go for cool or trendy names that are simple so that it never skips you customers mind
  • Be patient and think of a catchy name that can create a bond with the audience or cast a spell instantly.
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Know your personality for creative ideas

Social media is all about standing out in the crowd of millions. A super classy name can help you achieve just that. Every person has a particular personality trait that he is known for or if you are a brand than your services or skill set that can help find the perfect name for your Instagram handler.

Take the following quiz and write down the answers. Voila!! You have your list of names to think around as your username.

  • What are you good at?
  • Your accomplishments
  • Your attitude
  • Your Dreams
  • Your Goals
  • Your moto to live life

How to get your desired name

It is frustrating to find your ideal username already taken. If the name that you desire is already taken try adding another noun or adjective to it. If your desired username isn’t active you may apply or contact Instagram to release it. Though it’s a time-consuming process but totally worth the wait.

Pros of having a cool and trendy username

To Quote Shakespeare “What’s in the Name” was back in the era when there were no traces of Social Media. Today in the age of emerging technologies it’s all about the name. It plays a significant role in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Since Instagram is accessible to the World Wide Web it is recommended, a fresh, trendy, unique name can boost your rankings and hence can contribute to your popularity
  • By adding the proper trending hashtags your username can reach millions and get popular instantly.
  • A unique name can grab more eyeballs and attention from the audience with richer possibilities of expression and communications.
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Username Generator Tools

You may as well use the username generator tools available online. Some of them generate cool and funky names within minutes. All you have to do is enter a few details into the settings panel and then it gets back with a few matches. The generator can literally turn your names or ideas into super cool and trendy usernames. We find Tumblr Name generator does quite a good job a degenerates unique and cool usernames.

Following are the top 10 names on Instagram to get inspired from

  • Teen Punch
  • Board on Road
  • White Sand
  • Global Tummy
  • Mouth of Mexico
  • Planet Zoom
  • Texas Tiger
  • Manhattan Men
  • Junior Jumper
  • Lucky Lad

Get Insta Famous with the cool Username

Instagram is a fun place for individuals as well as professionals. You can double up your fame in the picture sharing app with a creative username for your account. To increase followers add unique content be it photos, videos or live regularly feeds to your account to engage maximum users and get rocket high number of likes and comments. Hopefully with all the insta inspiration you will figure out the best username that can get you maximum followers

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