The Major Difference between EV SSL and Standard SSL Certificate

EV SSL and Standard SSL Certificate

Assuming, by now you are aware of SSL certificates and their importance. Therefore, to start this article on the difference between EV SSL & Standard SSL Certificate, first let’s take a look at a brief on SSL certificate. As we all know SSL certificates are the digital certificates for better security and performance of the website. There are three main types of digital certificates, for example,

Secure Socket Layer

SSL server Certificates that are installed on the server that usually hosts the websites and domains such as – a mail server,, a directory or LDAP server, or it can be any other type of server that needs authentication. These are also used to send and receive the encrypted data.

Code Signing Certificate

Then you Code Signing Certificates which are used to sign a software or a programming code that can be later downloaded from the Internet. These digital certificates have shrink-wrap or hologram seal which authenticates the software and guarantees that it is genuine and trusted.

Client Certificate

Client Certificates are also called as Digital IDs that helps in identifying a person to another or a device to another device or maybe from one gateway to another. These certificates are issued in the numbers of thousands and millions each year. Remember to buy them from a CA -certificate authority.

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When we talk about these digital certificates one thing, which is obvious, is that they all offer better security and protection to your website. Now let us understand different types of SSL certificates before we take our article further. The division of the SSL certificates is based on the validation they offer. Have a quick look at few below, which will also give you an idea on the difference between the domain validation SSL certificates and EV SSL certificates.

Domain Validated SSL Certificate (DV)

These SSL certificates are also called as standard SSL certificates. These are the basic certificates that do not have any organizational information to get them checked against the domain registry. Due to this reason, we do not recommend Domain certificates for e-commerce businesses. So, what are they good at? They are great for internal purposes, like – securing internal documents, internal systems, internal data of client and employees and like. Therefore, It is advisable to use Standard SSL certificates only for the websites where customer data security is not a concern.

Organization Validated SSL Certificate (OV)

These are trusted SSL certificates and are austerely authenticated by the business agents against the particular business registry databases which are hosted by governments. Here you can get in touch with the authorities during the validation process. This is the reason they contain lawful business information. OV also comes with standard validation certificate but with proven organizational details and trusted public facing website.

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Extended Validated SSL Certificate (OV)

These are the most robust SSL certificates that are a nightmare for hackers. This is because they offer the best of the security to your domains and online business. The best out of the lot is considered to be Extended Validation Certificates they are issued and stringently validated by the certificate authorities – CA. Owing to this strong encryption it is widely used by the payment gateway giants like – PayPal, etc. The websites secured by the EV SSL certificate are protected with a green browser display bar with a company name that promptly assures all your customers and visitors indicating that your organization is legal and has a sound existence on the web. Having said this, it is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Please note: Essentially all the variants of SSL certificates have one thing in common – they all encrypt the information during SSL/TLS negotiations. If they are installed appropriately then you get both https:// and the padlock sign.

Difference between EV SSL and Standard SSL Certificate

Difference between EV SSL and Standard SSL Certificate

Quick difference between EV SSL certificates and Standard SSL Certificates

Pluses of EV SSL certificate:
  • They operate on strict guidelines advocated by the CA/Browser Forum
  • Strong verification of all the official records and accurate licensing of the same
  • Authenticated and confirmed by the party that is buying the certificate of it being highly
    legitimate to use
  • You also get a confirmation of legal, physical address and the functional addresses of the
    business unit
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EV SSL Certificate minuses:
  • They take 5-10 days of issuance time, which can be a hurdle in the purchase. But the benefits precede

Standard SSL Certificates pluses:
  • Issue within 5 to 10 mins.
  • Cheap price SSL certificate
Standard SSL Certificate Minuses:
  • Domain-Validated SSL Certificates just need the domain to be with the entity only
  •  The easy access to availability can cause danger and could trigger hackers to intrude your
  • You do not get a display or visual signals which depicts and portrays a confidence in your
    website as compared with to the customer that an EV SSL Certificate can provide.

Impact of these differences between Domain SSL certificate and EV SSL certificate

Starting from the price it can have an impact on the customers as the EV SSL certificate is at a higher price as compared with cheap standard SSL certificate. In addition, this is because of the strong validation provided by the EV SSL certificate. It also gives a green address bar to its customers, eventually building trust in the online business/website. All this later turns up into a huge amount of conversions because you are successful in building the trust among your visitors. On the other hand, there is OV SSL certificate that is also commonly used for the websites that have low volume on online transactions.

A business needs to be secure and should give its customers the trust they look when they come to the website. This protection shall be visible and true but if it is not protected it can have a false impact on the website and can hamper your ROI and conversions. Thus, be careful in choosing your SSL certificate
for your type of business.

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