Drone Technology History and Today’s Uses

Over the years, the usefulness of the best starter drones have expanded into various parts of daily life including hobbyists’ uses and technical uses such as manning classified military areas. The diverse areas where drone use is applicable has attracted governments, companies, and individuals to the opportunities available.

How do Drones Work

The popular material in use in the fabrication of common unmanned aircraft is a light composite material. The main benefits which this material offers include an improvement in the maneuverability of the aircraft as well as a lightweight feature. It is also possible to fly at very high altitudes without any damage with a military drone due to composite material strength.

Control of a drone is through the ground cockpit which is another way of referring to the remote control system. There are lots of modern technology which drones feature including laser, GPS, infrared cameras, and more.

The control system and the drone are the two unique parts of an unmanned aerial vehicle system.  

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The navigational systems and sensors available in an unmanned aerial vehicle are usually located in the nose. Various drone technology systems make up the other parts of the body. in addition to the lightweight feature of the composite materials used in drone building, the materials also help in noise reduction and vibration absorption.

Military Applications Of Drones:


Finding bombs is quite easy with the flight capabilities and the addition of cameras to the drones. What really makes them special is their small size which makes it easy to get them into tight spaces to detect any bomb which is set up.



Launching airstrikes is a common use of military drones. A drone pilot who can launch missiles accurately at any coordinate can control the drones from a remote location. If you doubt the use of drones in such military operations, you can go back to a statement by President Obama where he confirmed this particular use of drones against militants in Pakistan.



Safety of lives and property, as well as the defense of a territory, requires accurate and up-to-date surveys of the area. The application of drones, in this case, offers multiple benefits. The drones offer a field of view which is larger, cover more areas, and also cuts down cost by reducing the manual labor needs.

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Non-Military Applications Of Drones


Time is the main factor which we consider in a rescue operation. During a rescue operation, results need to be achieved as soon as possible with minimal errors. Drones can be a great asset in such situations. Searching for victims and lost individuals in rough terrains or at night is a lot easier with the flight capabilities of the drones and the availability of various sensors like the thermal sensors at your disposal.

It is easy to maneuver the drones through small and tight spaces while the deployment of these unmanned aircraft is also very quick. Regardless of the difficulty in accessing certain locations, transporting relief materials like medical supplies and food is possible with the use of drones. Planning a rescue operation is also more effective through the use of drones in collecting vital information for planning.


If you want to see the application of drones to its fullest, then the media sector has a great handle on this aspect. The various types of drones including quadcopters, play lots of important roles when shooting modern movies.

James Bond Skyfall is an excellent example of the use of drones in filmography. Other popular titles include the popular Game of Thrones television series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Leonardo Di Caprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

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There are so many companies currently trying to put the effectiveness of drones in delivery and shipping applications. Implementing this idea will revolutionize shipping as we know. It will lead to a serious reduction in human labor as well as a drastic cut in the delivery time of products. These products can range from small parcels to letters, and even fast-food deliveries like pizza delivery.

Implementing the use of delivery drones is one area where Amazon is currently diverting lots of resources. The company aims to use these drones in offering delivery services within 30 minutes. This means that customers can get their items in a few minutes after completing their online payments.


The application of drones in disaster management remains one of the most significant uses of these aircraft. The use of drones can significantly improve disaster management by eliminating the common problem of resource management during and after a disaster.

Making use of drones, their small size provides easy access to tight spots for a better view, clearer footage and images from the disaster sites by equipping the aircraft with high-end cameras. In addition to these improvements, the cost of running the drones is also a lot less than what is spent in operating a helicopter for disaster management.

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