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mini projector android

Let’s talk about this Android-powered mini pocket projector. This is a pocket projector with Android OS and is very affordable in my opinion. It costs around 155 USD considering its a mini projector with Android OS.

Talking about the projector, it’s very compact but does not miss out on ports instead you get two USB ports and one micro SD meaning not only from HDMI but you can project from memory cards, pen drives etc which are very thoughtful and useful.

As you don’t have the hassle of wires and power outlets. While talking about power outlets you can charge this projector via the included AC adapter but it also has a built-in battery which will be enough for about three to four hours of projection.

I personally watched a complete movie and it performed really well, there were no heating issues thanks to the built-in fans.

Let’s talk specs:
  • The projection brightness is at fifty lumens that might sound less but this is enough bright during the nighttime and performs pretty okay.
  • If you pull down the curtains during the daytime it projects at 720p which is enough for normal streaming, watching movies and presentations.
  • It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and it also has a Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Bluetooth on this projector makes a lot of sense as you can connect your mouse and keyboard to enhance the user experience.
  • It also has dual-band Wi-Fi. 1 Gb of RAM and 8 Gb of storage which is enough for a normal projector and the light lifetime is 20,000 hours which is amazing.
  • This projector is more suited and geared towards business and education rather than entertainment. This projector also has a built-in speaker 3.5 mm jack. Just in case, if you are watching YouTube on the projector and want to listen to the audio.
  • It also has a tripod mount to mount instability.
  • Talking about my experience, the compactness of this projector helps me carry it anywhere. I want plus the Android support gives me the freedom to try various things and download apps suitable for this projector.
  • It really helps me with my college assignments and presentations moreover I can connect my mouse and keyboard to enhance the ease of use and productivity like mentioned earlier and if you don’t have your mouse around you can use the physical buttons right here to navigate menu and power.
  • Lastly talking about the projection quality I’m really satisfied with it plus the auto adjust feature helps me get a perfectly aligned projection. So, all in all, if you are looking for a budget-friendly projector- Android Mini Projector offers you a complete package for your business and educational needs.

So, if you are interested in this product you can buy this from alibaba.com which is amongst the world’s largest e-commerce website they ship their products to over 200 countries. So, shipping won’t be a problem at all.

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