Facebook’s added facial recognition, notify users when added in photos and videos

Facebook is working on Face Recognition to make sure when the user is being added to any photos even if they are not tagged in photos. So, Facebook launches Face Recognition to technique to make sure Photo is genuine.

The feature is termed as Photo Review that will alert when user will be added in any photo either by their friend or any other users on Facebook. This feature will help you find out if any photo of you without your concern is being posted. The user can raise an alarm against any photo of him which was posted without any concern.


Facebook starts Facial Recognition

If the photo of user being posted is either public or private, user will be notified and user can protect themselves from particular audience. A Photo review will help you recognize all your photos which are either tagged or not.


Facebook is also adding feature for visual impaired. Facebook machine vision tool will tell you what is in the photo and and also the details of untagged person. Facebook is also providing Video Recognition tool to protect privacy of the users.


Privacy Officer of Facebook said that, “Over time our goal is to make these features available everywhere . . . but right now we’re focusing on markets where tag suggestions are available” 

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