These 10 Questions Will Help You Find The Best SalesForce Developer For Your Firm

Salesforce is one of the most sought-after customer relationship management software (CRM) in the world. One of the reasons behind Salesforce’s popularity is that the software is entirely cloud-based. It means that users of the services do not have to install or maintain it.

They can access the service directly through the internet. Salesforce developers are in demand these days since an increasing number of enterprises are working with Salesforce.

All Salesforce developers do not have the same level of expertise with the platform. For example, some of them may have primary experience as expert Node.js developers. Here are the top ten Salesforce interview questions that will help you get the best candidate.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service. This type of software becomes usable through the cloud—for example, an internet browser.

It used to be referred to as “Software on-demand” and is a sub-category of cloud computing. SaaS has become one of the dominant models through which software companies offer their services to enterprise customers.

What is the distinction between Workflow and Process Builder?

Process Builders and Workflow are both declarative automation tools that allow you to extend the functionality of Salesforce platforms.

Both Workflows and Process Builders have a point and click functionality and include several features that help with business process automation.

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Process Builder – The process builder has a wide variety of features and is the latest automation tool. Some of the features are updating records, creation of records, launching a flow, and posting to chatter. The process builder triggers different automation and can judge multiple criteria based on the one meeting.

Workflow rules – They can start an automation function, or they can evaluate an argument. This function may be sending a message, making a field update, making a task, or delivering an outbound message. Before a Workflow starts automation or not, they can only evaluate one criterion.

What is Role Hierarchy?

It allows users who are higher in the hierarchy to access all information relating to users who are lower in the regime.

This role hierarchy may not be entirely consistent with the organization chart of your company or enterprise. However, the role hierarchy that is provided to individuals needs to be done, keeping in mind their need to access the relevant data.

What are the various kinds of collections that exist in Apex?

Three fundamental kinds of collections exist in Apex.

Maps – Collections of key-value pairs in which each distinct critical maps to a given value is called a map. Values and keys could be of any given data-type.

Sets – A random collection of elements that do not have any duplicates are called sets. Set elements could be of any given data type. For example, they can be of collections, sObjects, built-in Apex types, primitive types, user-defined types.

Lists – Ordered collections of elements that are differentiated by their indices are called lists. Elements could be of any given data type.

What is Lightning Experience?

Lightning Experience is the latest Salesforce desktop program. It has new functionalities and is faster than older versions. It has a more modern user interface.

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Lightning Experience consists of three components. These are Lightning Services, Lightning Ecosystem, and myLightning. Lightning Experience is used to develop applications for enterprise-use.

Are Visualforce pages supported under Lighting Experience?

Are Visualforce pages supported under Lighting Experience?

The existing visualforce pages will continue to exist during the current UI and through Lightning Experience.

A lot of visualforce pages can be used in Lightning Experience without the need for any changes. However, some visualforce pages may require some editing to be used. These pages can also be accessed through Salesforce Classic.

How do you differentiate between a profile and a role?

Even though there is a fundamental similarity between profiles and roles since they are both features that can be included in a user record, there are particular distinctions.

A profile is an essential requirement that a user must-have, while a role can be added at the discretion of the developer. A profile can be the basis through which you can control the privileges that a user has.

The privileges could be created, edited, deleted, or read. They also decide the level of administrative rights they will have. For example, whether they can export data or not.

A role assists with the distribution of information across an organization. They function through a hierarchy and provide users with access to records that have been created or are owned by users who are lower in the hierarchy.

What is Manual Sharing?

Manual sharing is a feature that allows owners of information or data to share them with other users.

Manual sharing is not an automatic function, such as role hierarchies, organization-wide sharing settings, or sharing rules. This feature can be highly useful under certain circumstances.

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For example, when a recruiter is leaving for vacation and needs to delegate the ownership to someone else in the organization.

What are the different kinds of object relationships that exist in Salesforce?

Three principal types of relationships exist in Salesforce.

Many-to-many relationship – This kind of relationship helps you to create a relationship that exists between two objects, which are based on a many-to-many relationship. Such relationships are made with an object that has two parent objects or two master-detail relationships.

Master-detail relationship – This type of relationship allows you to link two objects with each other. Such a relationship helps to create a strong relationship between child and parent. The record of the child gets the same security as that of the parent.

Further, if the parent is removed, then all associated child will be deleted as well. Such relationships also help to make more functionality. For example, they can help you make roll-up summaries and calculate data from the children to the parent.

Lookup relationship – These can be used to link two objects together. It is the most fundamental relationship that can be made between two objects.

Give examples of a Salesforce API and its usage.

Salesforce has several different APIs. Each API allows you to interact with Salesforce differently. Some examples of APIs are:

Bulk – This API gives you programmatic access from which you can load data into a Salesforce organization.

REST – This API allows you to integrate applications from through simple HTTP methods with JSON formats or XML. Hence, this can be used as an ideal API for making mobile applications.

Streaming – This API allows you to receive notifications for modifications to Salesforce data that align with a SOQL query defined by you. This type of API is helpful if you need notifications that need to be removed from the server to the client, depending on the criteria defined by you.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce developers can be invaluable to an organization and help to speed up a lot of business processes. While selecting salesforce developers for hire, make sure to ask questions that are relevant to your organization as well as Salesforce.

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