Five APIs All Developers Need to Know

Five APIs All Developers Need to Know

Some developers like it more when they manage all the work manually. On the other side, some others are up for experimenting and trying out new tools. These new tools come up every day, and guess what? You have a wide range, as you can choose from dozens to find which one works best for you. If you fall into the category of developers who are working with the tools rather than manually, then you must be working with an Application Programming Interface, best known as API. APIs provide communication between services, for example, between Google Maps and AccuWeather.

The most significant advantage of API is that it gives you an instant solution. You don’t have to spend days in front of the computer, trying to figure out what to do exactly. As API is so effective, the interest for it raises every day significantly. Who wouldn’t want to solve a problem immediately? That is why there are more than 19,000 available APIs.

As we know how precious your time is, we decided to summon a list of essential APIs. You don’t have to experiment and try out different APIs until you find the one that suits you best. Our list will point out to which APIs you should focus first.

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Google Awareness

Google launched Google Awareness API in 2016. This one of the exciting new tools that provide developers to add some contextual awareness to Android apps. With the help of this API, developers get the chance to react to any information, such as user’s actions, locations, and many more.

Google Awareness API potentially creates new ways of using smartphone apps.  For example, Google Awareness can notify users about the restaurants they might be interested in. The new generation of developers will have an opportunity to create an entirely new approach to user-experiences. This means Google Awareness provides a customized user-experience even before the user asks for it. This brainy API has much more abilities and advantages, so why wouldn’t you give it a try?

Slack API

Nowadays, people opt to work from their homes. This increased the need for virtual collaborating tools over time. Slack is an excellent file sharing and company chat tool. This API has some integrations within it, such as GitHub or Travis, but also supplies API for your own apps.

Slack enables a workflow and makes sure that all the team members are on the same page. They will have the opportunity to attend virtual meetings and access different files, while the program bot posts specific message for individual users.

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Amazon Recognition

Amazon Recognition is an all-inclusive recognition tool. It provides object, facial, and sentimental recognition, which is, you must admit, admiring. With this API you won’t have to spend months to design your recognition software. Amazon Recognition allows developers to verify identities, analyze someone’s emotions, or search images by a specific landmark.

IBM Watson

Did you know that AI services are also available through API? IBM Watson API gives developers access to hours of detailed research through RESTful calls. This toolset provides you an option to determine different keywords within blocks text or to extract relations from any text. Additionally, it provides object recognition in photos.

Don’t waste your time trying to build Natural Language Processing for your app on your own. Focus on technologies and apps that can do the same job, but much faster.

Stripe API

Nothing can beat Stripe when it comes to collecting payments. The team that stands behind this powerful API has shown that interactive, user-friendly documentation has excellent results and provides high adaptation levels. The tool provides more options than collecting payments only.

For example, it allows you to automate communication. It is up to you to discover the rest of the possibilities and options Stripe enables. It takes one day only to learn how to work with this API.

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A word for the end

As we already mentioned, there are dozens of APIs. We mentioned some of them, but be free to explore more. If you are an API designer, many tools can help you to maintain your workflow in the best possible way. Tools like Stoplight can cover the entire pre-production of your API project.

Familiarize yourself with the APIs we presented you even if you don’t have the need for them at the moment. It might help you a lot when the time comes to work on some of your new projects. These APIs can help you to create apps that people want to use.

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