Google Fax Online Made Easy

       Nowadays, faxing becomes easy without a dedicated phone line and a fax machine. You will need a fax number that can be obtained from an online fax service provider. Technology allows you to manage your fax communications without increasing your expenses.

If you want to get a free fax number, you can use CocoFax as a third-party service provider. A fusion of Google products and CocoFax will help you to replace a fax machine. It will help you to send faxes from smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Toms Guide, TechRadar, PCMag, CNET, and Life Hacker recognize the reliability and security of CocoFax. There are millions of people who are successfully using CocoFax to manage their fax communications. You can send and receive your sensitive documents with CocoFax.

Secure and Reliable Service

CocoFax depends on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to protect data between CocoFax apps and servers. CocoFax uses a secure sockets layer to transfer data and create a secure tunnel with 128-bit protection. You can enjoy higher AES for the protection of your document. 

Get a Fax Number

You will need a fax number to use the products of Google. For the Google fax online, CocoFax offers a free fax number along with a free 30-day trial. When a person sends you a document via fax, it will be in a TIFF format. The CocoFax translates this file into a PDF document.

It will help you to send faxes directly in your inbox without using a fax machine. If you are sending a document via fax, there will be a similar process. The CocoFax will translate your document and transmit it on telephone lines. A target fax machine will receive it and print your document.

CocoFax is an adaptable solution for each company. With this best fax solution, you can handle your fax needs. At the time of quick sign up with CocoFax, you will get a free fax number and a 30-day free trial. You can use your free fax number for almost 30 days.

It is a feasible and fast fax service to send faxes with Google via CocoFax. You can manage to fax through the Gmail account. With a Gmail ID and a CocoFax account, you can send and receive faxes. See these steps to send and receive faxes with your email.

Step 01: Start with sign up and get a free trial of CocoFax for almost 30 days. When signing up for a trial, you can choose your fax number. Register a Gmail address that you will use later to receive and send the faxes.

Step 02: After signing up, open your Gmail on a web browser or use a Gmail app on your phone or computer. Now select a “New Email” to create your fax message. The new popup email will appear.

Step 03: You have to fill the necessary fields to send a fax, such as a receiver’s address, “To” and body of the email. To write a fax number, you have to mention at the end. For instance, [email protected] is the right way to type in your fax number.

Step 04: Attach your fax document and create a cover page for your fax. You can type a cover page in the body of an email, and it will become the first page of your fax. CocoFax will support different formats, such as jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, doc, etc.

CocoFax allows you to send more than one document at a time. These documents will be merged to become single fax. Make sure to double-check all the fields before hitting “Send”.

Receive Fax with Gmail

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You can receive your faxes on a registered Gmail address with CocoFax. After receiving your faxes, CocoFax will convert it into pdf documents and forward these files into your inbox. Check your inbox to learn about the sender and download the attached documents.

Keep in mind that Google Fax can make things lightning fast. If you want to save money and time, CocoFax and Google products will be the right choice. This service is cheaper than a fax machine. You can decrease unnecessary expenses by turning your computer and smart devices into a virtual fax machine.

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