Google products failure and the reason behind that

As Google products failure, it helps to learn market strategy and product requirements

google product failure

As google products failure varies from very high technology product to the copied product which tackles the growth of Google’s business environment.

It’s difficult to envision that an organization with heaps of resources can fail. With an expected 172 million uniques consistently to their search engine page, Google can (and regularly do) advertise their products.

I’ll post down the rundown of google products which was produced and later flopped because of absence of vision, understanding and attempting. How about we snatch the rundown once :

Google Glass

Google Glass


When it was released I saw it as the future of computing. The key tech lead on the project gave a talk at ETH to a full auditorium, just before it became publicly available. Speech recognition, plus a very practical looking augmented reality display, plus a first-person camera. It was some really cool computer vision apps becoming available soon that would integrate this new type of computer more closely with humans. This could be a unique gadget that would be able to see and understand the context in which we requested information from it. One of the best technology which comes in google products failure.

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Google Code

Google products failure

Google Code was used intensively during the launch. It could have been something as great as Github today. For some reasons, Google Code lost their ground to Github, and even Bitbucket (mainly for entreprises). To me I think that was the lack of product focus and long term plan for it. It was pretty sad. I have seen projects after projects moved from Google Code to Github for the better future. Github has done marvelous job in making a fantastic playground for open source community, with relevant features and importantly, personalised “social network” for like minded engineers. – Google products failure.

Google’s Android One

Google product failure


A couple of years ago, Google announced it’s plan to capture emerging markets. It tied up with local phone manufacturers in India (eg-Micromax, Karbonn) to manufacture cheap phones, these 100$ phones would get software backing from Google itself. Google promised to send OTA updates to these phones at the same Time as the Nexus phones. Often called the “Nexus for the masses”, these phones could not beat the sales of Xiaomi, Motorola and Lenovo and other Indian manufacturers who make phones with very buggy software. I personally think it’s a wonderful idea, but somehow it didn’t work.

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Google Knol

google products failures

There’s plenty of information that can be Wiki-fied like developer documentation for open-source projects. Cloning Wikipedia was not the first thing that needed to be Wiki-fied.

Participation in Knol required an confirmation of a person’s identity before any articles or alters were permitted at the Knol Web webpage. In exchange for giving up their anonymity, authors were given an opportunity to allow ads from Google’s AdSense on their Knol Web pages.Thats the main reason for Knol – Google products failure.

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Google Answers

google product failures

Google is an engineering focused company, it seems. Everything has to be ‘engineered’. That’s great for some things – but not for social things. Engineering approaches to human activity are not that successful. Asking and answering questions is a person to person activity. Quora and Yahoo have it nearly right (though a long way to go). Google consistently fails to ‘get’ social stuff. Answering questions is social. Hence the Google product failure.


google product failure

Orkut, as I live and die. I believe this the stepping stone for Indian youth in field of social media. I’d rather use the term “Social Media” carefully, now that it has evolved to something entirely else. Orkut didn’t fail per se, rather died a slow death more so; what in technical terms is called as “Deprecated”. 

The list contains many more Google products failure which are listed below :

  • Google Wave :  It could have been Slack.
  • Google Catalog Search : It could have been Pinterest.
  • Google+. It could have been Snapchat or WhatsApp.
  • Google Hangouts on Air : It could have been Facebook Live or Periscope.
  • Dodgeball : It could have been FourSquare or related social networking site.
  • Dodgeball : It could have been FourSquare or related social networking site.
  • Google Page Creator : It could have been Squarespace.
  • Google Notebook : It could have been Evernote.
  • Google Video : It wasn’t YouTube.
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