Great Tips to Improve Call Center Performance: From Employee Dress Code to Software Specifics

Performance and productivity are crucial when you run a call center. You want your center to run as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to improve employees’ performance, here are a few great tips.


Use cloud-based software.

The type of call center you run will make a huge difference in performance. A cloud based contact center is the best way to improve customer experience and employ excellent agents. This type of contact center lets your employees work from home anywhere in the world, which means you can hire the best possible people. All your agents need to provide amazing customer service is a good internet connection and a computer.

With cloud-based software, callers have the best options available to them. They can make a traditional phone call, video call, text message, or social media request and reach a qualified agent. The system can use call routing to pair customers with the right person who can help them. The agent desktop makes it easier than ever to keep track of customers and their needs. If you’re not using cloud-based software, you’re not getting the best performance.

Implement a dress code.

One of the benefits of a cloud contact center is that your employees can work from home. The only downside of this is that employees may lack motivation when they don’t have to go into an office. They roll out of bed (or even worse, work from bed) and head to work still in their pajamas and barely awake.

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Encouraging your employees to dress as if they were headed into the office will help them engage in a normal work routine. They’ll get up, take a shower, put on a business casual outfit, and head to the home office. This routine can make employees feel more confident, competent, and ready to take on the day. Ask your employees to dress for work even if their job is done at home. A white blazer or jacket can pull an outfit together and make your salesforce feel prepared for the workday.

Motivate employees by listening to them and offering incentives.

Motivated employees are more productive and efficient, and they will continue to work for your call center long after the unmotivated people quit. One of the best ways to motivate employees is to show them that they are valuable members of the work being done by listening to their needs. Show your team members that you care about them and the work they’re doing. When they believe you truly care about them and their jobs, they will be more motivated to do great work and meet your expectations.

Understand what they’re going through and recognize when they might need a break. An employee who’s struggling to handle problems will continue to drop the ball unless you step in and give him or her a hand. Tell the team member to take time off or provide training on the skills he or she is lacking. Listen to your employees when they bring up issues or concerns and try to fix problems satisfactorily.

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If you really want to motivate your contact center agents, start offering incentives. A competition to see who has the best customer feedback at the end of the month can motivate employees and increase productivity. Even something as simple as a weekly raffle can make employees feel committed and excited about work. When you have motivated employees, your center’s productivity and performance will improve.

Consider the details of your center and make changes to improve performance. With motivated, confident employees and the best software, your customer service will be incredible.

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