Here Is A Step-By-Step Guide To Publish Your First Novel. Read On To Know More

If you’ve been writing, or have been planning to, lately, there’s a high chance that you wanted to start a blog or wondered how to write a book. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a blog, there’s a chance it won’t survive over-time. A book, on the other hand, is timeless.

No writer ever plans to write something valid for only his era, so let’s take a quick look at the broad steps involved in publishing your first novel.

Decide Your Publishing Strategy

You have more options to publish your book today than ever before. You can either go for a popular publisher, a small press, or even self-publish, and this decision is entirely up to you and depends on the work you’re trying to create.

While self-publishing gives you full authority over your creativity and quickens the publishing time to a great extent, you’ll be solely responsible for all the production costs and marketing.

And we all know that it’s a team effort. So, you can also go for a smaller press and work closely with them and target a niche audience, but again, you may have to sacrifice royalties and brand value.

If you have connections, you can target significant publishing houses and back up your work with the best creative teams they have around. But again, you’ll have minimal creative control, so decide what’s best for you, and take your pick.

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Understand The Cost Involved

Say you’ve made up your mind to self-publish, you should understand the cost of this venture as many elements will have to be factored in.

Printing Charges

There’s a lot involved here, but the unchanged factors are the length/volume of the book and the paper quality.

Designing Charges

It’s up to you whether you can design yourself or delegate it to someone who is proficient in this field.

Marketing Costs

You’ll have to create awareness about your book, and as you can’t scream at the top of your voice for all practical purposes, outsourcing this task to an agency or the publisher will come with its own costs.


Save room for some other unforeseen miscellaneous costs as well. You will have to call in favors every now and then if you want the campaign to succeed.

Create The First Draft

This is the crux of the venture. Conceive an idea, work on it, and come up with the initial draft. Start penning down each idea before it evaporates.

Hopefully, you’ve written something before on your own, are not new to this, and understand it all works. Nevertheless, you must segment your time dedicated to writing.

But before you even start writing, create an outline of the entire book. Give headings, create characters, give them a storyline. And importantly, all the while, ask yourself whether your action is relevant to the plot and whether it’s going to help you achieve the goal you wanted to achieve with this book.

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Give Your Novel A Catchy Title

You might have thought of this in the very beginning, but since you now know how the story works out, it’s possible you might have stumbled upon an even better idea.

So, try and make the title simple, easy to read, and easy to remember. Be creative here.

Formatting And Editing

Most inexperienced writers try to get this done themselves. It’s a mistake. Formatting and editing are among the few pillars that your book relies on.

Don’t do it all by yourself, rather hire a dependable editor that can help you make your novel stand out.

It’s essential that the person understands the subject at hand and is actually interested in your project. Give them time, and take into account all their suggestions before you print.

Develop A Launch Plan

Understand that this is a difficult job, and the launch requires tremendous effort. The first few days after the launch are paramount, and hence you need to ensure they’re successful.

Your plan should raise awareness and ensure that it reaches the target audience. There are a few things you can do about that. Let’s take a quick look.

Launch Event

You can throw a party or create a virtual event and, for all practical purposes, let everyone know that your book is finally here.

Social Media Marketing

The whole world is on the web, and the best place to ensure your word reaches the right pair of ears, you need to get your hands dirty with social media marketing. Create promotional posts and leverage the platforms to boost sales, even though you don’t usually prefer it.

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Book Reviewing

When books are reviewed by people, magazines, and newspapers of value, it lends endless influence on a writer’s work. People won’t understand the importance of what you’ve written unless and until they read some valid reviews from other people from the public or professional reviewers.

Collaborative Team

Ask your friends, family, and your community in general to promote your book. Joined forces and social validity is what fuels a campaign.


This is what you’re here for. You’ve written the book, had it edited, campaigned about it, and now’s the time to get it published for the public. Most online retailers have well-drawn systems for the upload, and you shouldn’t face any issues with the same.

Contact other major physical stores, and you’re set for the time being. You can expand it further later. Since it’s your first time, you should try and keep the price affordable and focus on gaining recognition.


Now, you have a final product ready to be purchased, but how well your work sells heavily depends on the public perception. So, your job is far from done. Commit to some research on promoting your book, and have a team dedicatedly working on it to afford mass media.

Online reviews work, so ask your readers to write how they liked your book for others to read. Also, start selling signed copies at various literary events.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the answer to “how to write a novel” is a long one. Summarising, you need to have a solid idea about what you’re going to write.

Post that, it’s all about getting it edited, formatted, reviewed, launched, and marketed. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

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