How Do QR Codes Work?

With the advent of modern marketing techniques and use of smartphones, business marketers and owners have changed the way they interact with their customers. Also, users are also less likely to be engaged by traditional marketing techniques. QR codes are one of the best marketing strategies utilized by top-tier companies all over the world. Marketing strategies constantly arrive and vanishes and only a few of them remain in the trending zone for long – QR codes is one of them. Here’s why!

Now that QR codes can be scanned straight from any new smartphones camera without the use of an app, makes it even easier than before to scan a QR code. That’s right you can scan QR codes with your camera in iOS11 or Android 8. Just point your phone to the QR code in photo mode and a message will pop up.

There is a difference between static and dynamic QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes can also help in tracking data of its users i.e. amount of scans, location, device type, time, and more. A dynamic QR code will first link to a URL and then redirect the user who scans to the content behind that URL.  Dynamic QR codes are super useful and most professional businesses are using them today.

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How do they work?

Many people ask what are QR codes and how do they work? The uses of QR codes are versatile and that makes them so great. The data stored in the code can be

  • Url to you website or any other page
  • Vcard with all your business card information
  • Download an app from App Store or google play store
  • Wifi password and connection, just scan and connect to the wifi
  • Anything digital really, like MP3, files, …

Benefits of QR Codes

QR codes have many benefits, QR codes aren’t just a few marks enclosed in a square, they serve as a great deal in marketing your products or services. Following are some benefits of utilizing QR codes in your marketing strategies

  • Track data of your QR codes
  • Edit the url of your QR code at any time to any other url, no reprints needed!
  • Compatible with most smart devices
  • Easy to use
  • Secured data transmission

Best QR Code Generator

One of the best QR code generator available on the internet is QRZebra. One of the biggest problems QR codes have is that they don’t always look appealing; QRzebra allows you to customize your QR code and make them look so much more fun. You don’t need to be a tech enthusiast to make QR codes for your company. Here is how you can use make a QR code with their QR code generator:

  • Go to QRcode-com
  • Enter your website URL in the field shown on the first page.
  • There are two QR code options i.e. dynamic and static. Note that a dynamic QR code lets you track data of the people who scan your code. You can also redirect your users to certain links using a dynamic QR code
  • Click on “Generate QR code”
  • After your QR code is generated, QRZebra provides you with 4 different menus to customize your code. This is really fun.
  • You can customize the patterns, select different eyes, add image or logo, and set colours so that your QR code complements your company, product, or service.
  • You’re done! As easy as that.
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QR are codes are on a comeback in 2018 and 2019, in USA and China we see already a lot of business using QR codes as it offers a great gate to any webpage. Now that we all use our smartphones daily, scanning a QR code was never easier. The fact that QR codes can be used for so many versatile reasons makes them a great tool to give a digital dimension to anything physical. Using a custom QR code generator with logo you can make you can make your own QR code for your business. We expect QR codes to become main stream in 2018 and 2019.

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