Why Your Book Needs To Go Under The Editor’s Eye To Become The Best Version of Itself, How Does Editing Really Help?

So you have finally decided to write that book you dreamed of eons ago.

You made the time, sacrificed your sleep, hours of Netflix, and your social life just to get things off the ground.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you are an experienced writer with decades of experience behind you.

Regardless, in this digital age, you now have at the click of a button, tried and tested strategies for creating and producing content. Not to mention a humongous range of self-publishing resources to help you demystify writing and editing.

But one crucial aspect of writing still remains underrated. The topic of book editing. The underrated gem that ensures your book is flawless – just the way you intended it to be.

But you might wonder, if you know how to write a book – does it really have to go under the editor’s eye?

The answer is a resounding YES.

And we are here to tell you exactly why. Read on to find out.

1. To rid your work of those unsightly typos.

Typing errors are a common part of life thanks to instant messaging apps.

Typos are annoying, but if I can get the message across, it ain’t that a big a deal, right?

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Here’s why:

  • Typos are a glaringly obvious sign of lazy writing
  • It comes across as extremely unprofessional to the eyes of the reader
  • Your message becomes instantly less powerful, thus resulting in a lower impact value
  • It sucks the joy out of reading

Don’t conflate harmless typos while instant messaging with typos in a published book. These two are poles apart.

Typos on WhatsApp can easily be overlooked, but typos in your book? Heck no!

How editing can help:

Opting for the services of a professional book editor helps you rid your book of any typos as they scan your book with their sharp eyes for any typos you may have overlooked.

They have years of experience behind them and can quickly identify typing errors in your works – something that you would easily miss.

And imagine the amount of time you would save by not having to proofread your book time and again exclusively looking for typing errors!

2. To help you with the right grammar.

Let’s admit it – English grammar comes with its fair share of nuances. Although you may be a native English speaker, grammatical errors are more common than you think.

You are not alone; even experienced writers often struggle to write in flawless grammar.

Keep in mind:

  • Lack of confidence in your grammar should never keep you, or anyone, from ever publishing a book
  • Grammar evolves, and it is hard to keep track of what is going on at the moment
  • Grammatical errors may be unintentional but can sometimes alter the meaning of everything you wanted to say
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How editing can help:

Grammar isn’t an exact science as it is often made out to be. It is more of writing art.

Professional editors have years of expertise behind them and understand the nuances of grammar better than anyone.

Working with an editor right from the get-go helps you make sure that you get your intended message across – and in style.

3. To keep you from getting dizzy with dialects.

There isn’t a standard global English dialect. You likely speak American English, but well, as the suggests, it is American.

But your audience may not be.

One might say that there are as many dialects as there are colors, errr, or is it colours?

Navigating the labyrinth of English dialects is a tough task:

  • The same word can sometimes mean different things in different cultures
  • English dialects in traditionally non-English speaking countries absorb a lot of grammar from the common language that you may not be aware of
  • Spellings can wary widely, and even novel writing software may not be entirely enough

Come editors to your rescue!

How editing can help:

You can work with professional editors who help you identify the dialect of every region in the world. And just for your information – the UK itself has more than thirty dialects!

The editors will help you write in the best manner possible, so your writing resonates with the reader no matter which part of the world they are in.

4. To help your book with the right structure.

Let’s get meta for a moment. What is of utmost importance to you is that your book sends the right message, creates an impact, and is an overall fruitful read. In short – in the end, it must all come together.

What even experienced writers may not realize is:

  • The structure of your work can be highly contingent on the genre
  • Maintaining consistency in writing style is crucial
  • An uncompelling meta-narrative could prove to be a death-blow for your book
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How editing can help:

Professional editors can help you with their assessment and critique.

They work with you, so your book maintains an impressive big-picture along with the right flow of thoughts that instantly clicks in the mind of the reader.

You may have a frank conversation with them about your aspirations as an author – such as who you want your target audience to be, what should be the ideal length of your book, and so on.

Editors with their immense experience can provide you with just the insights you need to make your book a masterpiece that you will cherish forever.

In conclusion

Book editing may be the least talked about, but perhaps the most important part of writing a book.

Writing is nothing but creating art with words.

Art that moves.

Art that grabs eye-balls.

Art that brings about a change.

An art that you would always be proud of.

And for that, editing is exactly what you need.

Your book should have the best of everything, and that sure isn’t an easy task. You would be surprised to see the amount of impact the services of a professional editor make on your final work.

Even the most recognized authors across the globe have sung praises of the magic that is in the editor’s eye.

As is, your book sure is great;

but doesn’t everybody love a little icing on the cake?

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