How to Balance Video Games and Studying: 10 Tips from Experts

Every adult person can say that video games have a bad effect on life, but this question is not so simple. This kind of entertainment appeared not so long ago and took a huge part in a teenager’s life. The first generation of these teenagers are grown nowadays and have their children, so it is possible to find a balance between video games and life. Studying is a huge part of life, so let’s find out how to reach a balance.

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10 Tips to Balance Video Games and Studying

  • Stop playing when you are writing a diploma or preparing for exams. We all are weak people when talking about our favorite amusements. The best way to protect your exam or diploma from failing is to exclude the annoying factor at all. 
  • Use writing, proofreading, plagiarism checking and other online services when the deadline is close. There are a lot of online resources and services that can help you with every task. You must remember about them but use them if  necessary, but not whenever you played more than you planned. They are only an instrument of help, but they can’t study instead of you. 
  • Make a schedule of playing and studying. The best way of applying control is planning. If you are strong enough to follow the schedule, you can use it. If you are not so strong and feel that you can arrange with yourself about playing time, ask someone to bet with you an award as a prize something important for you.
  • Use professional essay writing help if you need it. If you feel that using writing services with experienced academic writers will be useful because you are not able to write your paper by yourself, you must use it, but later, you must analyze what you should do to avoid such a situation.
  • Try to choose developing games. Try to play different games and choose some that develop your knowledge of history, or engineering, or agriculture. Modern games are very interesting and informative, so you can use this information to study too. Some logical games are even necessary for your brain, so spend your playing time wisely. 
  • Use special devices like computer glasses. Video games are always hard for the eyes and neck. So if you are a player, you need to use devices like a gaming chair or computer glasses to protect your body from illnesses. You must be healthy and energetic, but playing takes a lot of energy and brings the vision problems. Do exercises and take breaks during playing.
  • Play different games to save yourself from dependence. Some games are so exciting that you can lose a connection with reality. To avoid this problem, it is a good decision to change games from time to time. It means that you will not become a crazy fan whose only meaning of life is playing. Alternate games with studying, use the variety of games, and protect yourself from obsession.
  • Don’t forget that games can’t replace real communications. Nothing can replace talking or meeting friends. Going out is a necessary part of life. Don’t make excuses that you are busy. Playing is fun but not a vital process, so you must call mom and see your brother instead of passing another level.
  • Don’t associate yourself with your character. Sometimes introverted person associates themselves with their character because they are more powerful and successful in the video game than you are in real life. To become a successful student, you must accept reality and be yourself but not play someone else.
  • Try to focus on the thought that your future job depends on studying but not on video games. Sure there are exceptions, and sometimes the best players form professional teams and play on the international level, but for them, it is not fun anymore. Repeat it in your mind every day and be sure in a few months, the importance of playing will decrease.


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The main thought behind all these tips is that you must remember that a game is just a game, and playing is just a kind of fun. Only accepting this statement will lead you to good scores and engaged writing. 


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