How to be a hacker : What Computer knowledge and languages are important

Ethical hacking is an art of gaining access to other network… 


hack a sytem and how to become hacker


The question seems to miss the most crucial aspect about hacking : You need to have a complete understanding of the technologies that implement computing systems in order to hack them.

Therefore, there is no single language that you can use to hack computer systems, nor can you become a hacker by learning a bunch of languages.

In order to hack, a decent understanding of the following is critical :
  • Operating Systems
  • Algorithms
  • Networking
  • Hardware Technology

If you know how the system works, you can use any suitable programming language to implement the attack. Even if you need to learn the language, the learning curve will not be too steep because you have a specific task in mind.

In order to hack, you need to understand communication and processing systems at various levels of abstraction:-

  1. If you understand how web technologies, you launch an attack on the database (ex sql injection), or use any other javascript based attack on the front end of the web site.
  2. You should understand how memory management works, then you write a c program that forces a buffer overflow and allows you to compromise the system.
  3. You should know how the TCP/IP stack functions, then you can run a L2 level attack on the router itself (ex ARP Poisoning).
  4. If you know how the hardware works, then you can launch attacks at the hardware level by varying the various current flows/potential differences.
  5. You should understand how sockets work, then you can use a tool to deliver a malicious payload to critical ports in the victim machine.

So in conclusion, programming languages are just a means to implement your hack, not the hack itself.

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