How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Website Using WordPress

For anyone keen to embark on a creative path into the world of website design, WordPress is ideal for many reasons. Primarily, it is a design platform offering its clients various bespoke solutions, depending on exactly what they wish to achieve with their web presence. If you do decide to go down the WordPress route you’ll be in good company – there are over 75 million such sites operating all over the world, and the further good news is a site like this is all you need to host an affiliate marketing program which can prove to be very profitable indeed.

With such ready access to software which circumvents the traditionally tricky business of slotting web pages together, there are obviously tremendous opportunities for web designers to harness the power of affiliate marketing – signing up to products programs released by retailers in order to encourage customers to make purchases for which you’ll receive a commission on every sale.

How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Website Using WordPress

Choosing products to endorse

The heart of any affiliate marketing enterprise will be the products you sign up to promote. It is therefore of paramount importance you choose items you’ll be able to write about on your WordPress blog with some authority. What you will be doing is not setting out to be a simple salesperson who receives hyperlinks from a retailer to post on your website, then expecting customers to randomly alight on your pages and be instantly drawn towards making purchases. It is far more critical to maintain your presence as an interesting WordPress blogger, who customers can refer to in order to receive pertinent information about their chosen subject – with the added bonus of being able to investigate the possibility of purchasing relevant items. It is this Holistic approach which will engage with potential customers, rather than simply posting a series of hyperlinks.

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The other aspect of your products you will need to consider is whether you are going to choose items which are popular, but where the competition will be fierce, or the far more recommended route of a ‘niche area’ which will tie-in nicely with your WordPress subject matter.

Your WordPress platform

Signing up to an affiliate program is one thing, but you will also need to have a competent web platform to host the articles which will highlight your chosen products.

The first thing you will have to do will install WordPress, then browse to the dashboard and decide on a suitable site theme. This method of building your website will also allow you to decide on appropriate functionality, such as widgets for sidebars, and any available plug-ins. If you begin to get overwhelmed by complicated-looking add-ons to your basic pages, there are ample helplines available within WordPress, as well as tutorials and communities where you can request and exchange information. This mirrors external affiliate marketing networks where are you can touch base with other traders in order to get an idea of lucrative sales streams, as well as tools which will help.

WordPress content

The aspect of your WordPress site which is most important in terms of building a profitable enterprise is your content. Remember, signing up to an affiliate program is not just a case of receiving a series of hyperlinks and then posting them onto your pages. The success of your affiliate business will rest, not on these links, but on how well you integrate them with truly engaging articles and product reviews, within the overall context of your WordPress site.

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You can also introduce other methods of keeping your site visitors interested, such as subscription mailing lists and email shots.
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