How to Compress, Merge and Split Files with Soda PDF

PDF files format are convenient and ensure that the data and the format of the file cannot be changed. If you are sending the file, you are confident that it will reach the destination without being altered in any way by any other person except you.  Soda pdf has a number of tools that enable you change a few aspects of your PDF files. You can compress, merge or split the files. It is easy and free with soda PDF. Here is how you can make changes to your PDF files:

  1. Compressing PDF Files

You can now compress your PDF files quickly and easily at no cost with sodapdf online. Soda PDF is easy, fast and secure to use. File compression is the reduction of the file size. Soda PDF online has advanced security features to ensure that your files and data are not accessible to other websites or persons. All files uploaded or processed via Soda PDF are deleted within 24 hours.

Here is how to compress your PDF files using Soda PDF online:

  1. Select the file you want to compress. You can retrieve the file from your computer or cloud storage.
  2. Once the file is uploaded, it will automatically reduce in size. You can compress up to the size you want or up to the email or web quality.
  3. The file is ready for viewing. You can download and view it from your browser.
  4. Splitting Files with Soda PDF
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The Soda PDF file splitting tool allows you to divide one file into many different parts. Splitting enables to divide huge files into smaller files for easy transmission or storage. You can remove the unwanted parts of the file or cut off the confidential parts of the files. You can merge the files back. Here is how you can split your PDF files with Soda PDF:

  • Once you have picked the file you want to split, select the pages you want to split from the files. You can pick the pages in the order they appear or select the number of the pages.
  • You can further split each page into different files. After splitting the files, you can download them and view on your browser. Soda PDF will send you an email with the files and it will be deleted after 24 hours.
  1. How to Merge PDF Files with Soda PDF

Soda PDF makes it easy and fast to combine your PDF files into one file for free. Start by selecting the files you want to merge. Once you have uploaded the files, sodapdf will allow you arrange the files in the order you want them to appear. When it is done, you can download the files and view them from your browser or send it to your email.

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Soda PDF is a reliable software that is easy to use and convenient. It allows you to edit your files, such as splitting, merging or compressing the files for free. You can use all these features on any of your devices.

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