How to download Lucky Patcher apk for Android

Hi, guys today I am going to talk about a very interesting application that will change the way of handling your apps, games and phone system. You will surely enjoy your experience with this application. It’s none other than Lucky Patcher. This app is mainly used to block ads.

But now with new updates and features, it is used in many more ways, which make the handling process of your phone easy. This app is a hacking app which enables you to hack an app from your device and with the help of this app you can get any paid app for free. This can be guided to access any game and provides a tool to play the game easily. So let’s know its features and application how to use it.


lucky patcher apk for Android

Lucky Patcher APK Download for Android


  • It is mainly used to block ads from any app which always appears while doing anything. These ads disturb so much and are sometimes it frustrates us. So lucky patcher can be used to block these ads from some settings.
  • Lucky patcher is used to purchase paid and featured apps from play store for free. So you can install any app from play store and enjoy it for free.
  • Lucky patcher patches with every app on your phone so this can be used to control them as well you can move any app from phone memory to external memory.
  • You can get extra lives and gems from any game app with the help of this application. So this application is known as the hacking application and so you can feel like a hacker.
  • All the above works you can do because lucky patcher application bypasses Google license verification system. So this application is not in play store.
  • By rooting your device this application patches with every app in your phone and to use that app at max usage.
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  • To download lucky patcher application you can download it from its official site or follow the following steps.
  • Go and search to download lucky patcher application from Google.
  • Then download it from there. When you will try to install, it will first ask the permission to enable the download and installation from unknown sources. So first enable it.
  • After enabling it you can install it. After installing open it. After opening it will ask the permission to access the phone apps as well as the memory accessing so allow all the terms and conditions.
  • After allowing all terms and conditions your app is ready to use.


I don’t know what to say about this app. It is well designed and developed to work as a hacking tool, and we all know hacking is not an easy task to do. So you can enjoy like a hacker. You can get many featured and paid apps for free from play store by using this application. Many people may think that this may be illegal but it’s not. Lucky patcher only uses the demerits in terms and condition in Google play store. With the help of this app, you can play best games by getting more gems and lives. So in my point of view it best app to use.

How to download Lucky Patcher apk for Android
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