How to Download PC Games for free

Download PC Games for FREE

Gaming is a fun stress buster and an exciting getaway from our hectic lifestyle.  A Good game can test your skills and enhance your mental capabilities as well. However, good games never come cheap. Don’t worry, we have got you all covered, so the gaming spirit is on.

There are a few best site to download pc games for free: not a trial or a demo but the full version of paid games. All you have to do is visit them, download the file and run it on your PC. Kaboom!! You have your favourite game for free. Instantly and safely enjoy free downloadable games so that you can play without spending a penny.

We have listed a few websites where you can get high quality and virus free PC games at no cost.

Origin on the House

This one has a premium giveaway of a full version and expansions of a game. It has a wide variety of games, with best deals on the classic games and a few games on free sale occasionally. It has several social features and community integration. They have “on the house “special giveaway games that can be downloaded. It’s a trusted website, so you don’t have to bother about the virus before downloading a new game.


It is the largest digital distribution and subscription platform up to date. It is bilingual, has thousands of games of every genre which keeps on updating. It has everything a player might need. It also allows the user to download as well as stream videos online so that you can connect and play millions of new people, anytime anywhere.

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The platform is easy to use and download. It has a multiplayer. It has a large variety of games with multiple features. They have occasional premium giveaways that are a steal deal. The cloud saving option works well, it lets you stay synced with all your devices and you all your games are automatically saved, so you never miss progress. Unlike Steam, all its game is DRM (Digital Right management) free so that once downloaded you have the rights over the development.

Greenman Gaming

This one is a sure bookmark for game suckers. The online digital retailer has the best of game deals and vouchers.  It has monthly giveaways of paid games. It contains an extensive library of games with various categories listed like action games, RPG, survival, fantasy, etc. the website is well maintained with an active community forum

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