How to earn free Bitcoins?

how to earn free bitcoins

Of course, everyone likes free stuff. So, we’re gonna go over three of the simplest ways that I know and you’re not going to get very large amounts with this and you’re not going to get rich.

But the way that Bitcoin goes, who knows, it might turn into a lot of money down the line and a couple of these tricks you can just do in your free time. So, why don’t we just get started

Method 1: Bitcoin Mining

All right now the first method for getting free Bitcoin. It is mining, sure many of you have heard of this maybe you’re not exactly familiar with how it works or the best way to do it and basically how it works is you trade computational power and you contribute that to the Bitcoin network using probably your GPU graphics card and then the larger amount of computing power you contribute to the network the larger the reward you get in exchange.

There’s a lot of different software that will do this for you, most of it requires a bit of configuration but the easiest one I would say is through a website called and they do take a little bit of a bigger percentage than other mining pools but they are by far the easiest.

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It’s literally just a thing you download, log in and then it does everything for you even determining the best crypto to mine based on your hardware the best algorithm it can do and then automatically converts it to Bitcoin. So you still get paid just more of it.

Of course, the thing you need to remember about mining is it does take electricity and it will generate heat from your computer components. So even though you’re not paying for the Bitcoin directly you’re still paying for the extra used electricity and maybe even air conditioning and also if your GPU is running hotter than normal.

When you’re doing this, it’s going to be spinning the fan and you are liable to wear out your GPU and hardware faster than you would have. So, if you have like a brand new GPU that you want to use for gaming might not want to do mining with it because you might not get a return on it.


Method 2:  Performing Gigs

More people might like this one because it truly requires zero investment off the top and that is so called Bitcoin faucets and kind of like the name suggests it’s a website that just gives you Bitcoin in exchange for doing little activity. Anything by clicking on a CAPTCHA to filling out Schwartz surveys or playing games and stuff like that.

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Now keep in mind, these payouts are very very small for each activity but if you do it a lot and you’re just doing it in your free time, it might be worth it.

The easiest and the best one that I know of is called The reason I like it is because you literally just click the capture button and it lets you do it once an hour and every hour you do it you get a guaranteed amount of small Bitcoin or it like does this gamified thing where it generates a random number so if you’re lucky and it generates a high number.

Method 3: Refer  and Earn Program

The first method is definitely the fastest and the simplest and that is coin bases promotion or they have a SignUp bonus of 10 dollars a free Bitcoin and how that works is when you sign up for the website through a special referral link.

Once you buy a hundred dollars of Bitcoin, they give you 10 dollars a free Bitcoin to you and the refer, so, of course, I will put that link in the description so if you do decide to buy the Bitcoin we both get ten bucks and yeah you don’t have to sign up through a referral link but then, of course, you’re skipping out on ten dollars.

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I’m genuinely suggesting the best sites not just the ones that have the referral programs. So guys, now you have a better idea of the few ways you can get free Bitcoin even though it’s not like the good old days where the Bitcoin faucets used to give you like 5 bitcoins each day when they were worthless.

But hey you know what? It’s better than nothing I guess.

So let me know what you think down in the comments I’d love to hear from you.

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