How to Hack Whatsapp Messages without Access to Phone

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media apps. People all over the globe use it for communication, sending videos and images, and chatting with peers.

Although the app does not require the user to enter a password, sneaking into an individual’s phone, regardless of who they are to you, is a little bit weird. Aso, if you suspect them, catching up with them is somehow tough. Here is where you will need help from another app.

If you are looking for ways to catch up with a sneaky teenager or a cheating spouse on Whatsapp, here is how you do it using Spyier

 Your reasons should be justifiable

Many people feel that installing a spy app like Spyier is invading someone’s space. In essence, that could be half-true. Here are some instances why. 

If you are suspecting your partner, then it will be difficult getting their phone all the time. That also means that there is a likelihood that you are missing out on so many things when you are not away.

Besides that, children, especially teenagers, can be sneaky. They spend much of their time on Whatsapp chatting with friends or even receiving texts that could harm them.

All the above are reasonable reasons why you should install a spy app to like Spyier to watch what they are doing on the social platform. 

Why you need a spy app immediately

The good thing about Whatsapp is that it does not require a password to log into its user interface. However, if someone is hiding something from you, they will use the phone password setting to block you from seeing their activities. Hence, accessing the phone becomes a challenge.

With the Spyier spy app, you can bypass all those security credentials that they put. It has all the features that ensure that you access all the areas within their smartphone.

You can click here to hack Whatsapp messages without their phone using Spyier if you are already convinced.

Choose the best spy app

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While there are many options on the internet, picking the best spy app is not a simple task. Some apps fail to deliver what they promise, and that is why you need to be extra vigilant while choosing the best app.

Here is a reason why you should choose Spyier. Primarily, this app comes with exceptional features that will grant you access to someone’s smartphone discreetly. 

Apart from that, Spyier is a reliable app used by millions of users around the globe. Various online publications like Forbes, CNET, and Top 10 Reviews recommend this site for its users. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with this site.

Installing Spyier

After selection, your next step is to install it in your app. The process is straightforward.

You do not need any jailbreaking or rooting. Spyier is compatible with most Android and iPhone devices. Therefore, to install the app, you require access to the phone. With a standard smartphone, five minutes will be enough to get everything going.

After installing it, you do not need the phone again. Please give it back to the owner. The app hides itself so that it is difficult for the owner to notice that you are monitoring them. So, you do not have to worry.

How to view the messages

You can access the user dashboard from any browser. First, create an account and choose a suitable subscription plan for yourself. If you need to monitor several Whatsapp accounts, you can select the corporate or family subscription. The payment plan is ideal for employers and parents.

For spouses, since you have to be loyal to one, you can use the monthly premium plan. It allows you to view one Whatsapp account. After paying, a setup wizard appears, which is also easy to follow, regardless of whether you use Android or iPhone.

Once finished, you can view your target device’s Whatsapp activities remotely from any browser. You can also see images they receive and those that they send.


From the article, we can see that hacking a Whatsapp is easy. Regardless of how many passwords they have on their smartphone, you can bypass all of them with ease. Additionally, using Spyier is the best decision you can ever make. 

Many people benefit from this app since it is easy to use, affordable, has a user-friendly the dashboard, and helps you monitor secretly without anyone noticing.

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