How to make enamel pins: The Definitive Guide (2018)

Fashion Industry is continuously changing by adopting new techniques to design various things. The world is becoming more advanced with innovations in pretty much all the industries. If we talk about Fashion World, Enamel Pins have become more popular over the past few months. If you’ve been from designing side and want to learn to make your enamel pins, then here we have a definitive guide on the same.

Enamel Pins are basically tiny metal pins which you can customize as per your requirements. With highly customizable options, it has made its place in the latest Fashion World. People have turned their businesses towards Enamel Pins.

Enamel Pins can be used for logo branding, designing offbeat things and much more. With creative minds, you can make your enamel pins to set a new benchmark in the fashion industry. If you want to run your own business in the same, you can even start your own business with the same product with different customizable ideas and innovative designs.

If you are curious to know more about the latest trend, i.e., making your own enamel pins, then here we have prepared comprehensive guidelines from designing to creating your own enamel pins.

How to make Enamel Pins?

Enamel Pins are highly used to transform your style. It is now highly in demands as many fashion designers and industries have found the Enamel Pins are great. If you have guts to start your own business out of nowhere, start with Enamel Pins.

By following the below-given guidelines, you will yourself be able to design and customize your very own Enamel Pins. You can even sell them off online through various e-Commerce websites.

To begin with 

Before making up your mind on starting your own business with Enamel Pins, you should first research thoroughly about the product. The Internet is one of the best ways to gain knowledge about anything. You can apply the same thing here while collecting information about the Enamel Pins.

With proper guidelines and use of appropriate tools, you can start making your Enamel Pins. The process is pretty simple; however, you have to focus more on designing the innovative pins. Of course, you have to learn from the root to reach on the top. And for that, you have to research thoroughly about making your own Enamel Pins.

You have come to the right place as we have prepared this tutorial to guide you in making different types of Enamel Pins and marketize them to establish your own Business. The competition in this field is very low; you can build your personal brand in the same. It is the high time to start with the Enamel Pins.

Here, we have put all the useful details about the Enamel Pins, the tools which are required, the ideas behind them and much more. You need to follow these steps wisely, and you will have all the information about the Enamel Pins. With proper knowledge, you can give it your first try and start designing many more of them by yourself. It all starts with the right information which you can get by following the below steps.

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Step 1: Understanding the Concept

Without understanding the basic concept of the product, you are going to sell; you need to think about its design first. You have to create an attractive design on the plain paper first. Since Enamel Pins are a joint program, you have to make use of hundreds of products, colors, designs and more.

You have to keep on flowing your ideas on designing and creating new things. Think from the customer’s side and you will be able to create the design which would be more impactable in the market. You have to think about the customers who are going to purchase it if you have launched them in the market. After designing your own Enamel Pin, you have to think about purchase the same. If you don’t like to purchase it, nobody would ever buy it.

So the first thing you need to do is to understand the basic concept of creating your own unique design for the enamel Pin. Discover the Niche which attracts you. There are many online sources available on the web-platform which you can explore for the same.

People are always sharing their experiences in creating and designing different kinds of Enamel Pins for various fashion brands and companies. You can seek knowledge about the new ideas from these sources. You can make use of YouTube, Reddit, Kw Finder, Google Trends and many other more for gathering new ideas.

Determining your Niche

Once you select the designing concept, you have to determine whether the concept or the niche is right for you. For that, you have to understand whether the design is suitable for the new generation of people? You have to go deeper into the concept. You have to do a lot of homework before finalizing the concept or Niche for the Enamel Pin.

Step 2: Creating your Design 

Once you have determined and finalized the product, you have to think about creating your first design for the Enamel Pin. By creating unique designs, you will get to know how your Pins will look like. While designing your first Pin, you have to remember a few things which we have enlisted below.

Things to remember while designing 

  • Keep yourself away from using fine details.
  • Use Solid Colors, do not use transparent colors or any other gradients.
  • Seek help from your manufacturers about their new designing concepts
  • Always export your design in.JPEG or.PNG format

According to your design type, you can increase the pricing of the pin. Since we are just learning the concept of creating an Enamel Pin, we have to start with the simple and standard design.

Creating beautiful Pin designs is pretty easy even if you do not have basic knowledge. You can connect with a variety of artists who are always ready to help you with your designs and concepts. If you have a little budget, you can seek help from the professional artists and designers.

The professional artists let you convert your original designs into physical Enamel Pins through manufacturers.

Thanks to the web world with which, we can make use of a variety of online tools for designing new things. Microsoft’s Photoshop is the best software you can try to create your own design on the computer.

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If you don’t have access to this tool, you can go for various other online designing tools such as Pixlr, SumoPaint, Paint.Net and many other more. You can also ask your friends about these tools. They will definitely help you out with your queries and requirements to find the suitable designing tool.

On the other hand, if you are not sure of creating the design from these tools, you can hire a professional designer for the same. There are many online marketplaces available on the web. You can explore them to hire a suitable graphic designer.

Step 3: Manufacturing your own Enamel Pins 

Once you have got your designs for the Enamel Pins, you need to make them real. Before you finalize your Enamel Pins, you have to know the types of Enamel Pins first. Let’s get the details.

How to Design Your Own Enamel Pins

For creating mockups of your lapel pins, using Photoshop or Illustrator is probably your best bet. If you don’t have access to Photoshop, here are some free alternatives that you can use to create your own original designs:

Types of Enamel Pins 

Basically, there are two types of Enamel Pins available in the market which you can manufacture. Soft Enamel Pin and Hard Enamel Pin. If you are not aware of the kinds of the Enamel Pins, here are the required details.

  1. Soft Enamel Pins  

Soft Enamel Pins are the most popular choice especially if you are a beginner. Soft Pins are high in demands from various fashion brands. You can manufacture Soft Pins with more vibrant colors. Yes, you can manufacture these pins using different types of color options. Soft Pins let you add more textures including sharp edges and borders.

The only thing you will not like in manufacturing the Soft Pins is they are not durable enough. Yes, the Soft Enamel Pins are not as durable as they are manufactured with the low-quality soft material. Besides this, they scratch easily. You need to be very careful while manufacturing this type of Enamel Pin.

  1. Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins are favorite in the market for various sports brands. The Hard Pins are high in demands in the sports industry and many companies to marketize their products. Hard Pins are manufactured with a durable material which makes them long-lasting. These pins can withstand the elements. Hard Enamel Pins are more rugged and are scratch-resistant in design.

If we talk about the Cons, you cannot use different types of colors in manufacturing the Hard Pins. There are limitations in manufacturing the Hard Pins, so you have to pick the right design to manufacture Hard Enamel Pin.

Factors to check for setting up the pricing

Depending upon your design and quality of the material, the pricing of the Pins may vary. You have to understand the basic of finalizing the pricing for the Pins which you are manufacturing. If you manufacture high-priced Pins, nobody will purchase them quickly. For that reason, you have to keep in mind that, people would only go with the low-cost Pins first.

  • The complexity of the design
  • The number of colors
  • The size of the Enamel Pin
  • The quantity of your Order

These factors finalize the last price of the Enamel Pin. If you use plenty of colors in designing the Pin, it will surely increase its costing. Besides this, the size of the Enamel Pin with the design’s complexity also affects the pricing. Additionally, if you purchase or manufacture Enamel Pins in bulk, the overall costing will be reduced itself.

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Initial molding for the Pin costs high for the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer has created the mold, you can order as many Pins as you want as the manufacturer doesn’t need to create multiple Molds again and again.

Step 4: Finding out the suitable Manufacturer 

After gathering all the information about the Enamel Pins and their final costing, you need to pick the suitable manufacturer who can design and build your Pins. There are hundreds of companies available in the America and various parts of the world who are manufacturing different types of Enamel Pins according to your basic demands and requirements. You have to discuss things with the Manufacture from A to Z before finalizing them.

Finding the suitable manufacture is one of the hardest parts of this business. However, once you and your manufacturer have gained trust, you can start with a healthy business from the beginning.

Alternatively, you can ask the manufacturer for sample works. If you like their previous work, you can order for a few quantities first and check the quality of the Pins they have created for you. Once you are delighted with the quality of the Pin, you can go for the bulk order which gets you cheaper Enamel Pins.

Step 5: Should I go with e-Commerce sites? 

In the modern world, anyone can start business his business without having to invest in the big office or manufacturing house. You can quickly make use of various e-Commerce website to begin selling your Enamel Pins.

You can start your own e-Commerce website or can create your own store on various e-Commerce brands such as Amazon. Your online web appearance can have a significant impact on the overall sales of the products.

To create your own e-commerce store or to list down your newly manufactured Enamel Pins, you can go through various online sources. There are many websites and online tutorials available on the web, which lets you create your own e-Commerce website to start selling out things.

There are many web designing companies available online. You can search for a reliable web designing company who can prepare you a suitable e-Commerce store of your own. It doesn’t cost you much, and still, put a significant impact on overall sales. If you have dreamed of becoming a well-established brand, then you should start your own e-Commerce store online.

You can put various categories on the store. Moreover, you can also upload a variety of photos of all types of Enamel Pins which you have manufactured for selling them out. The more creative you are, the more popular your store will become. People would start recommending your name to their friends and family. Gradually, your store will become famous, and many brands would like to connect with you to create and manufacture their brands’ Enamel Pins.

Final Words

Making an Enamel Pin is easy; however, the process is a bit lengthy, and you have to go through the roots of it. Well, here in this report, we have included everything which can help you out creating your own Enamel Pins and establish your own business with your personal brand. If you are a creative person, you have to earn from your creativity. And Enamel Pins are the best option available for you start your own business with. It is the right time to get them selling! Once you gained confidence in this business, you will be able to create new designs for creating unique Enamel Pins.

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