How to remove write protection from SD card

In the modern world, you will find a lot of SD Cards with write protection that does not allow the user to transfer any kind of data.

This also stops you from deleting or formatting any data. But as we have some solutions to overcome this problem, we thought of sharing it with you guys.

There are total 6 ways that we have described below to remove the write protection from the write-protected SD Cards.

The need for these three different methods is mentioned later in this post. So, go ahead and fix the write protected issue of your SD Card.

Ways to Solve Write Protection Issue on SD Card:

  • Slide the Switch

SD Cards and Flash Drives have some kind of switch that writes protects your device. Unknowingly, you might have changed the position of that switch.

Just change its position and you are done. In case of an SD Card, try switching by putting it on the adapter and then slide the switch.

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  • Use the Antivirus

You can try scanning the write-protected SD card with some antivirus or antimalware because there are chances that your SD Card is being infected by some virus or malware that is preventing you from accessing and transferring the data.

  • You may be low on Space

It is not always necessary that your hardware has got some fault or there is some malware infecting the SD Card. You may be running low on space on your SD Card.

Possibilities are that the size of the file is larger than the vacant space available on your SD Card. For this, go to the properties of your SD Card or Flash Drive and check whether there is enough vacant space for transferring the file or not.

  • The file is a read-only file

The issue can with the file as well. The file you are trying to transfer might be the read-only file.

So got to the properties of that specific file and change its property of read-only file by unchecking the box of Read-Only File. Click on Ok and you are done.

  • Disable Write Protection using Command Line

If none of the methods mentioned above solved your problem, then try this one. Use CMD to disable the write protection of your SD Card by using the following steps:

  • Connect the SD Card to your PC.
  • Open CMD window by pressing Shift + Right Mouse Button and selecting Open Power Shell Window here.
  • Type the command diskpart and then hit Enter.
  • Now type disk list and press Enter. Here, you will be able to see a full list of storage devices connected to your PC as well as the internal storage of your PC.
  • Now type the command as select disk <number of the disk>, e.g. select disk 3 in my case. Make sure the number of the disk is filled correctly.
  • Now type attributes disk clear readonly and then press Enter.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and type exit and press Enter and you’re done.
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  • Disable Write protection by formatting SD Card

In case the command line does not work you can give a try to this step to remove the write protection from your SD Card by following the steps given below:

  • Connect your SD Card to your PC.
  • Navigate to This PC/ My Computer and find the SD Card.
  • Right click on that and now click on Format in the drop-down menu.
  • Now click on Restore Device Defaults on the next window.
  • Now click on Start and then Ok on the warning message.

Wait for a couple of minutes until the process of formatting is completed and then try transferring the data to your SD Card.

Final words on format write protected sd card:

All these methods mentioned above have been tested by me on a various write-protected SD Cards.

I hope the methods mentioned above would have surely helped you in overcoming the issue of write protected SD Card. If none of the methods mentioned above works for you, then most probably the device is damaged physically and nothing can be done now.

You can neither access nor recover the data of that SD Card. So sadly you have to forget about the device.

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