How To Start Cell Phone Repair Shop

If you are looking to start your own cell phone and computer repair shop this will be the best guide for you. To start mobile and computer repair business you need to learn skills first so it’s all about

Here are some ideas, id like to write about our Device Master Course, they can earn tons of income with it. Its an 8 Day Course to fix Phones, Tablets, Drones, TV, Laptop, Computers, Virus and so much more. You can service retail customers and commercial accounts with their own service-based business or go work for a large company. You can earn $10k or more a month with this skill and if they open a retail shop can earn 3-5 times as much depending on the size of the city. Investment to start is the cost of the course, $3400, and tools and parts that can vary. If they do a retail shop price will vary as well. You can run a business from home or do a retail shop. You can buy a cell phone and computer repair course by cellbotics.

Benefits Of Cellbiotics Course

This course is a combination of 3 courses in 1.
Click the links to read each course details page:

  • 4 Days Cell Phone Repair
  • 4 Days Computer Repair
  • this includes the Business Course
  • + $500 value in tools/books/software
  • + 60 hour Video Course for ComTIA A+ Non Hardware piece of the test certification
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CellBiotics Computer Repair Course

Cellbiotics PC Repair course is ideal for individuals looking to learn more about how to repair a home computer, as well as those interested in working in the field of PC repair.

Computers are a part of every day life. Having a better understanding of how to properly maintain and repair them could surely keep you ahead at home and in the workforce.

Let Cellbiotics help you get started with this fundamental course that covers everything from memory and hard drives to the internet and networking.

Cell phone repair training

Before opening a cell phone repair shop you need to take training and learn some skills to repair.

Cell phone repair businesses help to save consumers money by repairing broken phones so consumers don’t have to purchase new ones. Common phone repairs include screen repair and replacement, battery replacement, button, and headphone jack repair, and camera repair, though you’ll probably see plenty of other issues while in business, too. Some repair businesses have a physical storefront where customers can bring their damaged phones, while smaller startups may opt for a mobile model to save on rental or lease fees while also offering the customer the convenience of a traveling repairperson.


We know how choosing a Cell Phone or Computer Repair Training company to fit your needs can be overwhelming at times. Here at CellBotics, we want to help you with that process and make it an easy choice for you. With any training facility, it’s important for you to know exactly what you’re getting AND if that is what you NEED.

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