Increasing Amount Of E sports Event All Over The World

Over the years, the eSports industry has been growing too much higher. In terms of viewership and revenue, both have got a huge growth. However, eSports have also seen growth in a few other aspects. We can say eSports is the universe of friendly competitive games which has come to known over a very short period of time. eSports is a name given to professional competitive games. There are so many games which have become popular within no time and is being played by millions of people. In 2016, one tournament was League of Legends World Championship finals which also attracted a million viewers. The League of Legends tournament was so popular action strategy game. All the gamers want to be the best in the world and compete with each other to earn $1million prize money. The explosive growth of eSports events. For example, the eSports revenue has surpassed the total online gambling which was 50 Billion dollars in 2017. But of course, it’s different. A big part of the online gambling revenue comes from the live casino online games, that attract users by offering beautiful hosts and the option to play with everyone from anywhere – pretty much the same as eSports. As we believe that the eSports industry will keep rising – including the not well known areas as the online casino games. The technology gives the users the options to experience the most amazing gaming effects, no matter if the game is Fortnite, a browser game like Runescape or an live casino roulette. 

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Explosive Growth of eSports Events


Most of the fans of eSports games watch the live tournament on YouTube. Most of the games have a dedicated YouTube Channel on the Web. Even watching a Live game tournament was so popular earlier and now this growth has also increased.


eSports Viewership is Growing


From the year 2016, there is a rapid increased in eSports viewers, and also regular viewers. Between the year 2016 and 2017, there was a great increased in just a year. The casual viewer in 2017 was 192 million.


The main reason why eSports viewership is growing is more people are learning about it. From such a short period of time, there has been a rise in awareness of the eSports. We can say Every year, the number of people learning about eSports is increasing not decreasing.


Like, nowadays, we can say in India the most popular game among small child, young ones is PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). It is an online multiplayer Royale game. We can say whole India has become mad behind this game. And many of them died because they were addicted to PUBG game. Lots of the number of people increased within no time and millions of people started playing this game. Many of them do a live session on their YouTube channel, so other people watch it and get some ideas and then play the game. Likewise, the game has become so popular that it is played all over the world. As the time is passing by the number of this game players are increasing.


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eSports event


Likewise, there are so many other games in the world which are becoming popular within no time. There are games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Tom Clancy’s rainbow six: Siege, Starcraft II, PUBG, Street Fighter, World of Warcraft. So, these are some of the games which have gained immense popularity. Just for example, World of warcraft was launched at 2004. Recently, the game released the classic version that was aired back then. The classic version had such a huge success, that people have to queue for hours to get in the game. 


All these games also have a tournament in which there is prize money for the winning person or a team. This type of events make people mad and there are many of them who participate in these tournaments and also win.


The eSports has become so popular that the International Olympic Committee is trying to understand it better. Not only the IOC organization is taking eSports game seriously, there are so many others also.

Increasing Amount Of E sports Event All Over The World
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