Is Android Stock still good to use.!!

We the tech enthusiasts are a divided group of people and more than anything it is our mobile operating system preferences that set us apart. But if there’s one thing, we can all agree on it is the fact that stock Android is the only good Android.

So why isn’t everyone using it then?

Let’s investigate…

It is common knowledge by now that if you are a real smartphone enthusiast, you can’t enjoy iOS or Android or maybe just maybe even Windows Phone at the same time that means you are a weirdo and a pretender but stock Android is something we can all agree on the right.

I mean most reviewers judge the quality of phone software by simply saying how close to stock it is and apparently most people commenting on their videos seem to agree – but take a look at last year and this year, six Android makers made it to the top five worldwide out of which five of the six are from China. It’s also apparent that none of these companies focuses on Android versions that are anywhere near stock Android.

  • Samsung has TouchWiz which has gotten a little bit more stock lately but to be honest its still quite far away from it. Wow, Samsung has emotion UI which sometimes looks closer to iOS than it does to stock.
  • Oppo OS together with Vivo fun touch OS take the iOS similarities to a whole new level.
  • Lenovo’s Vibe UI well I don’t know just definitely not stock.
  • Xiaomi had Mi UI before they even had phones and they see the customization and the fact that it’s so different from stock as a core selling point.
  • Huawei makes the Nexus 6p and Lenovo owns Motorola which kind of uses stock Android.

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But for the most part, these companies are trying to do everything in their power to stay away from it and sales numbers don’t lie. It currently seems to be the winning strategy but I can make it even weirder.

What about the phones that give you stock Android or at least are close to it. I can think of a few, of course, we can start with the Nexus line and there is Nexus 6p. I’m not a big fan of the design but it sure as hell is one of the best phones money can buy.

So, it should be quite competitive, right?

Well, I tried googling something like Nexus sales figures and all I could find were reasons why the Nexus line isn’t really selling well but maybe Google just doesn’t want to discourage manufacturing partners by competing too hard.

I have an idea –

  1. Manufacturers should just keep making hardware and slap stock Android on it. That would be perfect, no, remember how Google Play edition phones were exactly the same that customers could get hardware from like HTC or Samsung running pure stock Android and turn out there was so little interest in this program that it had to close down quite quickly.
  2. Google’s other stock Android project was Android One, which was supposed to bring clean stock Android to developing markets and cheap devices and I think you’re starting to see a pattern it has sadly failed to make a big dent.
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You could easily argue that Google is to blame here and maybe they’re just much better at writing code than they are at selling phones.

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