Is it worth for Nokia to re-manufacture old phone models?

why is nokia rebooting old phones

Nokia is back from the debt and unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the old classic devices they have brought back to life this year. Nokia has revived the famous banana phone and last year, they also revived the legendary Nokia-3310. Both of these devices support the Snake Game.

As of now, many people dismissed these phones as toys but I think these phones are part of a fascinating three-step strategy to get people to start buying Nokia phones.

Let’s talk about the revival of the Nokia brand

Well yes, the banana phone (Flap Phones) from The Matrix is back and it seems kind of pointless at first but it is also not particularly cheap if you are from a developing country and on a very tight budget. I am pretty sure, you would probably want to buy a cheap Android phone like the Nokia One instead that you would like to use core apps like WhatsApp for nearly the same price.

Indeed, after asking the stuff at the Nokia booth at MWC, they told me this phone isn’t really meant for those consumers. Instead, it is intended as a second phone for people in developed markets, so let’s say, you go skiing and you don’t want to be bothered by your work emails, for example, you take this with you which, to be honest still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

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How big is classic phone market?

why is nokia rebooting old phones

I can’t believe that there is a big market for these phones either and yet I think these phones was a smart move. As one of three people get to buy Nokia phones because of these three steps.

Step #1

For any new or revived brand, the attention over the years is for Nokia’s brand as a maker of phones faded into obscurity. For Nokia to pick up again and keep moving, the finished startup behind the revival of the Nokia brand needed people to get to know and remember that Nokia is back. The relaunch of the Nokia-3310, Snake game and now the Nokia 8810, which by the way is the banana phone, is an incredibly effective way to do that.

My flatmate, my family members, my colleagues at work, people all over the world have heard the return of these products. They made headlines in mainstream newspapers, the way only expensive Samsung and Apple products usually do and they were way more memorable than the announcement of yet another Android phone by Nokia.

It was the perfect meme material for the Internet, the journalists also love them, YouTubers love them, Redditors loves them, 9gag loves them and the Internet, in general, loves them because they generate clicks.

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Nokia could have spent billions on billboard and TV ads and it wouldn’t have gotten them the same amount of exposure these products got them and the costs were not too much. The cost is just developing a cheap phone that probably won’t sell very well. The sales numbers here are irrelevant here and these are living advertisements and because of them now everyone knows that Nokia is back. The first step was successful.

Step #2

Many of us feel most allergic about the Nokia brand but many of us also remember that it’s together with the Windows Phone platform. Well, everybody knows about their connection to Microsoft, which brings to the marriage of Nokia and Google. When we see the booth and packaging of phones there were more signs of Google and Android brands rather than of Nokia itself and even Google assistants was written on back side of that all the new phones which have Android.

Nokia was the first brand to fully embrace the Android One platform and they even had a Google guy presenting it during their launch event, in other words, the second step is to tell everyone that the Microsoft days are over we’re all in on Google with the operating system that most of you want to use anyway.


Step #3

Nokia has shown some promise especially with giving people really good software support as well as bringing back that legendary Nokia builds quality. I’m eagerly awaiting if they can finally start making really good cameras again because last year’s models were somewhat underwhelming in this department.

Either way, I think Nokia is mostly going in the right direction by the way, if you are interested in their most promising new phones.


So with these steps, I think Nokia had a pretty smart comeback strategy.

  • Firstly, Nokia generates real authentic interest in an incredibly cost-effective way.
  • Second, Nokia makes it very clear that the part of the brand that many people didn’t like is gone.
  • Third, Nokia tries to make phones that people actually want to buy.
  • Finally, last part is still not quite proven yet in my opinion that they have already sold 10 million smartphones in their first-year of existence which is just to give you some context is way more than competitors like Google have sold is a promising sign.

Now, I’d like to hear whether you think Nokia can make a comeback and become a mainstream brand once again.

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