Keep Truckin ELD Device Review

Keep Truckin ELD Device is the latest and modern ELD Device available on the market. The device comes with a lot of advanced features to keep track of everything. It provides an easy to use and user-friendly app for the drivers to record their logs in real-time. It is the most affordable and advanced ELD Solution available which comes with built-in connectivity features. The device can be easily paired with driver’s smartphones. Keep Truckin ELD Device reviewed here with all the useful information, the list of Pros and Cons along with its Pricing.

Keep Truckin is an electronic Logbook App which is one of the best rating apps on the Google Play Store and iTunes for both, Android and iOS devices.

On the other hand, the Keep Truckin ELD is a device which is used to connect with the vehicle’s diagnostic port. Once connected and setup, the device starts tracking all the activities including the logs of the drivers. The ELD is compliance with FMCSA and start tracking the logs of the drivers automatically.

The device comes with all the essential ports to connect it with the vehicles and the other devices simultaneously. It comes with 9-Pin and 6-Pin diagnostic ports which are used to plug in the device to the system of the vehicle. With new generation vehicles, it is more compatible and offers the best of user interface with maximum features to use.

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Besides this, the package also includes Y cable which keeps all the cables hidden. The ELD system also supports team driving. If you want to use this device with a team of drivers, each driver has to install the Keep Truckin’s Mobile app on their respective Android or iOS smartphones with their personal account created on the app.

When the Driver hops on the truck, he has to connect with the ELD through his own mobile app. The other driver has to disconnected the ELD after his shift is over. This is how the device works and keeps all the records of the drivers.

With advanced technology, this ELD device detects when the vehicle is moving automatically. Once the driver connects his mobile phone to this ELD device, the device will start working automatically and it will also record the timing and speed with the current location. The device has its own built-in GPS which keeps an eye on the location where the truck is moving.

Being the most-affordable and highly demand ELD Device, Keep Truckin’s ELD solution offers a number of useful features to its users. To know more about this device and its functionality, here we have compiled a list of all the useful features of the Keep Truckin ELD device.

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Features of Keep Truckin ELD Device

  • Messaging Service
  • Auditing of the Logs
  • Tax Reporting of the Fuels
  • Diagnostics of the Vehicles
  • Driver’s Scorecards
  • Built-in GPS tracking to locate the truck
  • Time Tracking software tracks down the timing of the drivers automatically
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with smartphones
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones

Besides this, Keep Truckin offers the best Customer Support Service to all its users. With a team of professionally trained people, the custom care department handles all the queries and issues raised by the users.

Customers can reach out to the Support team via direct Phone calls, Emails or Social Media websites. The team is active all the time and you will receive an instant response to your query and issue with the perfect solution.

Additionally, the device comes with an easy to install functions, anyone can easily install this device and its associated app on a respective smartphone to start working with it. Install the device into the diagnostic port of the device when the engine is off.

Make sure all the cables are attached well on the diagnostic ports. Since there are many ports available on the device, you have to insert the cables carefully as per the directions in the manual. Yes, you would be provided with a user manual as well. You can go through the process and can start the installation process of the Keep Truckin ELD device for yourself.

Keep Truckin ELD Device: Pricing

Keep Truckin ELD Device provides one-year contract. Keep Truckin ELD Device costs $20 per month for one driver which is relatively low compared to all the other popular ELD Devices available on the market.

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